Books like American Gods?


I just finished American Gods, and enjoyed it immensely. I followed up this novel with "The Monarch in the Glen," which is a novella featuring the character Shadow.

First, are there any more stories from the American Gods world?

Next, I realized while reading this book, that my tastes in fantasy have changed. There was a time when I was very happy reading fantasy that fit into the mold of the "innocent young man faces danger, leaves community, discovers hidden talent (usually magic), grows up, and saves the world in spite in insurmountable odds" type story. But these stories no longer interest me.

I now want to read books that are intended for more adult audiences. American Gods was a fun and interesting read because the themes were adult, at times pretty dark, gritty, and strange, had an ambiguous view of right and wrong, complex characters, and assumed a pretty high level of intelligence on the part of the reader. I really appreciated that.

I am hopeful for recommendations for books that have some of the general characteristics I have described...any suggestions? Thanks!


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Read Mythago Wood. On my Top 25, under American Gods (#15 on the list) similar recommendations, I explain why you might like Mythago Woods if you like American Gods. I also have Mythago Wood (#10) on the top 25 list.

Also read Gaiman's Anansi Boys which is set in the same fictional world as American Gods and deals with some similar themes (american/native gods).


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