Discussion in 'Anything' started by Boreas, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    I was gonna say "Lusty Lesbian" flavor, but yours works as well.
  2. Bierschneeman

    Bierschneeman Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune

    That might be the name of the romance novel
  3. TomTB

    TomTB The Master Tweeter Staff Member

    What could possibly go wrong?

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  4. ExTended

    ExTended Ran bridges next to Kaladin

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  5. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    I figured there was. There is. A "Lusty Lesbian" bundle on Amazon for $2.99. Great price. I wonder why it isn't listed on the Kindle Daily Deals? Hmmm. Maybe I need to take a break and try a different kind of fantasy novel...:hilarious::linkme:
  6. TomTB

    TomTB The Master Tweeter Staff Member

    Bought this for the Mrs ...

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