Journeyed there and back again
I should add. the poster is a electronic repair professional. he looks at hundreds of broken machines weekly. he is very knowledgable.

he is not defending Windows, he will dump all over Windows regularly when they screw up. but Windows can't get away with this anymore, ( and he imagines in his videos microsoft executives wringing their hands at some of the things apple is doing going "remember when we used to be that evil")

but he is instead looking at a trend of apple pushing legislation forward to force consumers (legislation microsoft would be pushing if they could)to buy new expensive products at exorbitant prices, because they rigged their old device to breakdown and are rigging the system to defend them when they make sure they are the only ones able to make repairs, but refuse. because if they refuse, and they are the only ones that can , that means the customers it option is to pay exorbitant prices on a new device when their old one should still be working after only a few years or months and you paid that much for it.