Celtic Fantasy book/series?


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The main characters are high school to college age.
Set in the southern United States. I want to say rural Georgia, but I'm not sure.
One or more of the characters were involved in the Society of Creative Anachronism, or something similar.
There is a link to Tir Na Nog using ley lines or something like that. The humans aren't especially, welcome there so it is a problem with some of the fae. Plus there is political jockeying going on, leading to a war in the fairy realm.
With the rift in the barrier between worlds, the fair folk are coming through to the human side and causing trouble.
One of the characters reads the Tarot using the first 10 songs he hears that day.
Another scene that sticks out is the characters trying to see beyond the veil by looking backwards at a funeral procession.
At some point Native American mythologies start mingling.

I believe the books came out in the late 80s/early 90s. I truly can't remember if the books were any good. I was just devouring Celtic Fantasy at the time.

I appreciate and apologize for any and all brain racking. I've been searching all day and am grateful to have found this forum.


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Parts of your description sound strangely familiar, except the story setting of rural Georgia.
I live in the Deep South and am very partial to Southern Gothic literature, and any fantasy fiction that plays out in the South... especially New Orleans!
I don't think I've read the book you're inquiring about, but I'm certain I've come across it before... but damn if I can recall a title!


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I wouldn't be one bit surprised if I've mingled a few books in my memory. The Georgia setting could be wrong.
If I'm not reading something based in Britain, then I often find myself reading something set in the South. As I'm a Yankee, it must be longing/envy. :)


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... if you haven't already, I recommend reading 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil', by John Berendt. Thus far, my favorite story that takes place in the South. Even visited Savannah were the story takes place, just to see all the old haunts.
I'm a transplanted Californian myself, but I've come to love it down here... so much more history on this side of America!.. wish the weather was a bit better, though.:)


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Thanks, but no. I looked it up and was reminded that the author's name was somewhere around the first part of the alphabet. I do appreciate the suggestion!


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I think it is the

David Sullivan series


Tom Deitz

Windmaster's Bane, etc.

I remember the main character starting to see things after seeing a funeral procession by chance looking upside down between his legs.

some of the later books definitely have Native American mythology mixing in.

I remember laughing about something he alluded to about trying to become a were-possum!

I hope you're still checking occasionally!

I read the ones that were published, way back when. I thought the first few were pretty good, but I think that I felt they went down hill. It was 25 years ago . . .

from Amazon:

RIDDLE, RING, AND QUEST In Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, tales are told of strange lights, of mysterious roads…of wondrous folk from enchanted realms. All these are hidden from mortal men, and those who have the gift to look on them are both blessed and doomed… THE WINDMASTER Young David Sullivan never dreamed that the myths of marvels and magic he loved were real. But in his blood was the gift of Second Sight. And near his family’s rural farm lay an invisible track between worlds…where he would soon become a pawn in the power game of the Windmaster, an evil usurper among those the Celts called the Sidhe. David’s only protection would be a riddle’s answer and an enchanted ring…as he began his odyssey of danger into things unknowing and unknown…

from amazon's page for "Windmasters Bane" - but I can't post the link . . . .


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Ding, ding, ding! We have bingo, ladies and gents.

Thank you so much for remembering! I'm going to re-read it and hope I still like it.

Yes, the series started out good then maybe got a little repetitive so I gave up on it. I also started getting away from fantasy. Plus at some point Game of Thrones came out and ruined the genre for me. All of a sudden good guys didn't win and everybody dies.

Well now that part of my brain can go obsess over something else. Thanks again. :)


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You're a big Heinlein fan, @TANSTAAFL, or just of Libertarian economics, in general?


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Heinlein, definitely! (But not him alone, and TANJ is hard to say!)

My first choice of username was taken, and I had to think of something, and it's what came to mind. There may have been a Heinlein story I haven't read (Ok, I haven't read "Grumbles from the Grave" and the non-fiction.) but if so, I don't know what it is! (I was grinning from ear to ear when Variable Star came out! I could definitely hear Spider Robinson's "voice" but the echos of Heinlein's were reverberating throughout the story, and my mind!)

I really joined to try to locate a series for a friend, (We were trading book recommendations.) but I haven't gotten around to posting the details I know yet, as I got caught up in other's people's requests!