Censorship warning: Lefties putting pressure on book stores to remove certain authors books

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Boycott = free speech + market capitalism, so not sure how you got that so backasswards.

Anyone who can equate SJWs and racists is shamefully ignorant of the history of American racism and of social movements. Racism is America's original sin, the root cause of nearly all of our social and political problems today. SJWs are the root cause of... some feathers being ruffled? Gays who push their gayness in your face are the root cause of... equal marriage rights for gays? Confusion about one's sexuality? People who hate gays are responsible for... normalizing the marginalization and violence that LGTB people have faced.

Despite the incredible adversity we suffer these days from people arguing with us on the internet, straight white cis men in America are still doing pretty ok.


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This thread has veered far off the original topic and I really don't see myself going through each post and modifying it.
Keep your political opinions off of BFB.
The only acceptable discussion of politics or religion on this site is when it directly correlates to the book you are reading/have read. For example, a lot of classical SF requires some political analysis in regard to the book content. That doesn't mean you get to talk about current politics in your life.

The sort of discussion that has been going in this thread has nothing to do with fantasy books. So let's get back on the track.
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