Chains of the Heretic (Bloodsounder's Arc 3) by Jeff Salyards


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I haven't read Chains of the Heretic yet (I'm waiting for an audiobook) but Salyards' gritty military fantasy series, Bloodsounder's Arc, is some of the best stuff I've read in a long while. I REALLY digged the first two books in the series.

The series brings to mind Glen Cook's Black Company and Mark Lawrence's Prince of Thorns.

This book is one of my most anticipated this year. It's out now, but I won't partake till the audiobook is released.


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Finished Chains of the Heretic, Book 3 of Blood Sounder's Arc. It marks the end of this trilogy and was damn impressive.

Outstanding series overall, and remains one of my favorite fantasy series so far. This is AWESOME Gritty Military Fantasy (or Grimdark) and very much along the lines of The Black Company, Mazalan Book of the Fallen, The Prince of Nothing and The Broken Empire trilogy. So if you like any one of those series mentioned, read this one!

It's dark, gritty, and holds no punches, but it delivers a delicious read from start to finish. The series only improves with the first book being the weakest (and shortest) while the second and third books really ramp up the story.

Strong, compelling characters who are interesting, an interesting magic system, gritty military life, sharp writing and a strong plot all wrapped around with some serious hard action.

IF you have not read this series (now completed) and you love gritty fantasy, grimdark, or military fantasy, make this series your next read.

(note: I listened to the Audiobook which I loved).

Chains of the Heretics (Book 3) was a very good conclusion (if a pretty dark one) that delivered on everything that was promised by the first two. The author can definitely write more in this interesting world, so we'll see what goes on (this trilogy wraps up the story completely though).

The series is 9/10
Chains of the Heretic: 9/10.

One of my favorite new series for sure.

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This was my number 2 book of the year. I loved this book and the funny part is I did not like the first 2 books in the series but this book really tied everything together and made me a fan! 9.5/10


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Amazingly brutal and astonishingly beautiful, after an interesting and original first book and an exciting and extremely improved second book, Jeff Salyards concludes one of the most dark and alluring series of the last few years with a masterpiece of a final book: brilliant and often hilarious dialogues, captivating actions sequences, a main character who grows enormously, fascinating side characters and villains. 9,5, a nearly perfect book.