"Children of the Wise Oak" Kindle Countdown

Olli Tooley

Knows the real name of Lower Corte
With part 2 of my "Time Tunnel" series, "Women of the Wise Oak" launched on Friday, I have put book 1 "Children of the Wise Oak" on Kindle Countdown all this week. Universal link
If anyone wants this offer but isn't in USA or UK send me a message, we'll sort something out.

It is a historically grounded fantasy set in 1st C. BC Britain, Gaul, and Rome.
Although the cover suggests something akin to Enid Blyton, the level of threat is more in line with the fourth Harry Potter book. It's not intended specifically as a kids book but I have kept it PG13 and the writing style is fairly undemanding.

Three brothers living in a Celtic village in Britain are forced to flee their home. They learn they have magical abilities and journey to Gaul to study with the secretive Deru-Weidi. But will their powers be enough when they come face to face with the might of the Roman Republic?


Olli Tooley

Knows the real name of Lower Corte
Yep, the whole concept for the cover was intended to be darker. The tree is supposed to look like a scary face, but the artist just didn't quite capture it.
He's done a whole heap better with book two.
I'll be the first to admit that the covers are ludicrously self indulgent. Each is a commissioned painting which was then scanned and turned into a cover.
My sister bought the first one, and a local philanthropist bought the second.
I hope by the end of the series, I will be able to keep one or two. :happy: