City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett


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Sequel to City of Stairs -- one of the best fantasy books of 2014.

Currently reading. Looks pretty damn good so far, but will report when finished.

Edit: finished. Very good book and an unrestrained 8/10. I didn't like it as much as the first one, but I can't fault the plot, the writing, or anything else about the book.

Refreshingly original, if not as original as the first book. Well worth readying, though if you are looking for the action fantasy, magic heavy type read of a Sanderson, you probably will get bored reading this.

It takes about 1/4 or 1/3 of the book before you start getting into it.

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Aaagggh I forgot I had read this.

Robert Jackson Bennett continues to impress with his masterful writing in this sequel.

It's a heady mix of gritty, unique, dark and somewhat investigative fantasy, impossibly blended together with some sick worldbuilding
and unique characters to deliver a terrific novel.

It does take some re-reading to get it all into the head though, I will admit.

Score: 8.5/10 (I still feel City of Stairs was better, but first books usually are)


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Mostly agree with @Haven - I also thought it was a very good book, and I also liked the first book slightly better.

Like other books by Bennett, it comes with great writing, good characters and a mixture of action and invented mythology. Bennett manages to create yet anothet character-
based book but still maintain a good pace overall.

I thought this book was slightly less good than City of Stairs for 2 reasons: 1. I thought the supporting characters in the first book were better, and 2. Unlike the first book, I actually managed to anticipate 2 major plot twists, which probably means there was a little too much forshadowing.

8.0/10. Looking forward to the next book, which according to Amazon is due on January 2017.
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Probably slightly more entertaining than the first book and for the most part, exactly the same. If you like one I think you will definitely like the other but I didn't like the first and this one didn't offer anything new. I thought the twists and/or surprises in this one were slightly more intriguing but still nothing that blew me away and the emotional moments didn't really connect because I never connected with the characters. I think the "whodunit" aspects of these books are what keeps them even mildly entertaining while anything that might be construed as actual fantasy wasn't particularly well done. I will not be reading the 3rd book.