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Ok, so whilst we patiently wait for some clarity on how we're going to use our hard earned credits, I thought I'd start a little 'credit competition'.

I will give 25,000,000 credits, to the forum user who can most closely guess my weight!

I'm 6foot 2inches tall, and my niece just told me "Uncle Tom, you're fat, but I still love you". My wife claims my belly is still larger than hers, despite her having a 5 month old foetus in hers.

Competition closes 1st June. Answers in stones and pounds please. If there's a duplicate correct answer I'll go with the first one who was right.

Happy guessing :)

Edit: Weight will be weighed on 1st June. And for the record, I went for a run this morning; the first time I've done that this decade!
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Ok, so you're 187 cm tall, which is on a taller side from where I'm from. But still, you're not really that tall. Normal weight for a guy that size would be around 87 - 90 kg (height -100 = normal weight, is usually the formula for guys). But you say you're a bit on a heavier side (although, having a belly can be only that, i. e. beer belly :p ) soooooo..... my final guess is you're 97 kg, or 213.8 lbs, or 15 stones 3.84 lbs. (according to the internet conversion calculators :confused:)

Seriously UK, you should retire that stone system, business, whatever the hell it is. I can follow the pound system ok, but the stone? stone? Really?
You guys weigh yourself in stones? Seriously? :wacky:

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I put 200 but my gut tells me Antoxx is closest. I went higher to give him some breathing room. His guess is only slightly above the high end of average.

I'm guessing Tom's wife is hardly showing and Toms belly is around the same. Little kids call anyone "fat".

Im probably dead wrong but I would be very surprised0 if Tom was seriously overweight. Its doubtful he would broadcast if it embarrassed him. Mr.Tom may be tricking us.?

Now watch me totally embarrass myself when he gives us the answer. Certainly won't be the first time... :oops::hilarious:


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Ok ok. Each and every persons LAST guess is the one I'll use, come 1st June.

The answer is less than 475 lbs ... .