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If one ever needed objective proof that you don't live in the United States, it's here, inthe fact that you made it out like you were some unprecedentedly enormous ham 223lbs.
Ha ha ... I'm possibly the 'ham-iest' person in my social circle .. most of my mates are definitely much leaner than me! Oink.


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o_O Wow, what? well...I guess I...I could accept an extra 17 million credits...if it's no big anyone...**Quietly grabs money and proceeds to exit**

Whelp. On a serious note. I apologize for not replying sooner. I've been inactive to study for exams and had the pleasant surprise of coming back to see my random guess actually won something for once. (Hurray!) Thanks Tom!

Alas, I must apologize- for I had an unfair advantage. Being a runner, I seem to have gained a good intuition regarding matters of weight, calories, and nutrition. [Edit: Disclaimer I'm not by any means an expert or perfect.] As such, this isn't the first but second time I've won such a competition. Hardly fair odds. I'm sorry.

Now, if only I could win the lottery... [On a side note- it's 2AM here and I'm dead tired so I'm going to stop talking now before I say something drunk or stupid. Good night everyone!]
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