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Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Gasharion, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Hi there..

    I'm not much in forum-boards, but since my search for novels is not very successfull, I thought I'd try to ask you guys. So.. im new here. Hi!

    I am looking for dark fantasy novels with elves (these have to be in it.. no matter what), orcs, magic, swordfight, epic quests, etc.
    Not that difficult so far. But the novels should contain much adult content and that preferably very descriptive: Violence, Gore and Sex

    To be perfectly clear: I'm looking for 18+ novels only. Lord of the rings is nice and I love it.. but its not what I'm searching for, because its way to harmless. aSoIaF is very nice, but got nothing but humans (and not enough sex).

    Violence and Gore are selfexplanatory.. where there is swordfight and war, there is blood and bones. There may be descriptive torture aswell.
    For the sex... there may be everything in it, but sex with underage childs (which in fantasy is <15 or so, though.. I think R.R.Martin goes even lower) and M/M (I'm not against this, there may be gay males in the story, but I do not need to read descriptive sexual encounters of them).

    It would be wonderfull, if there is a good storyline, too :p

    Please do not tell me to bugger of with this request, because there is no place for sex in fantasy and so on... this is not meant to be a discussion thread. If you dont like sex in fantasy, please just dont reply and let this thread die when its time has come, even if that might be just after its birth.
  2. Sir Arthur

    Sir Arthur Journeyed there and back again

    Well, no elves, but The first Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie comes to mind.
  3. Haven

    Haven Became a Faceless Man

    Lets see,

    Some recent ones would be:
    Land of Heroes by Richard K Morgan comes to mind for pure dark fantasy but there is homosexual(and iirc xenosuxeual) content(loads and loads of it ) so probably not for you.

    Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (Havent yet read EoT but i remember the first book having plenty of the above)

    Scourge of the Betrayer by Jeff Salyards is a really good book, only crib is that one of the main POVs is a whiny piece of shit.

    As suggested above, first law trilogy is highly recommended, as are his other books The Heroes,Best Served Cold and Red Country, all of which are related to his First Law Trilogy.

    Old Ones:
    Black Company Series by Glen Cook(War, evil things et all), first books are really really great, kinda loses steam in later books.

    I've heard that Coldfire Trilogy is good, never actually read.

    Elric of Melnibone, by Michael Moorcock is regarded(rightfully) as one of the best dark fantasies out there, cant remember if it had sex tho.

    China Miéville(Perdido Street Station ,Scar etc), but i personally find China's novels hard to read, its just too dark and too weird sometimes, but some of his books are REALLY REALLY dark so should satisfy you, unfortunately I am not an expert in his books, having read almost none of them.

    Dark Tower by Stephen King

    Neil Gaiman-Neverwhere particularly, but American Gods works too if you dont mind a bit of urban fantasy thrown in.

    Hopefully you find something here that suits your tastes!!

    P.S Just read that you wanted elves, strange choice, but unfortunately I don't think I've ever read any dark fantasy having elves or dwarves(havent really heard of many either), closest I can suggest would be books by James Enge, but that's (utterly) weird fantasy.Plenty of war/swordfights/magic in the above books though.
  4. No elves, but it doesnt matter that much. You two provided me with 4 additions to my "to read"-list. Wrote down the First Law Books, Scourge of the Betrayer, Black Sun Rising (Coldfire) and Neverwhere. Thanks!

    Still I'd like some more suggestions.. particularly some more to what I wrote in my starting post.
  5. Hand of Fear

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    I have read the first book of the coldfire Trilogy and it's very good but I dont think they will be the kind of books your're looking for, unless the other two books are a lot different to the first one.

    Though I did find it darker in tone to other books I have read.
  6. Sneaky Burrito

    Sneaky Burrito Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member

    Having read the entire trilogy, I'm with you on that.

    I really can't think of anything that fits exactly what the OP wanted, though.
  7. moonspawn

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    I honestly started cranking up when I read the original post. I thought it was a joke at first but apparently not. You seem very discretionary when it comes to the content of your novels. Honestly I think you're better off enjoying a novel because its good instead of perpetuating disappointment because it did not meet your restrictive criteria of what constitutes an adult novel. I try my best to enjoy a novel for what it is. Anyways when I think adult content I think mature themes and character ambivalence, not sex and gore. Sex and gore does not equate maturity. In fact those subjects tend to equate just the opposite if overdone. Anyways I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being into that kind of thing, but it sounds to me like you're really limiting yourself, especially with your apparent elf obsession (glad this isn't a must as the OP explicitly stated). For obvious reasons it's going to be very difficult to come across any good novels that fit your exact criteria (most novels that do probably suck). Most people are fine with some gore and sex, but overdoing it too much can be jarring to many readers. That's fine if you're into that kind of thing, but just keep in mind that the best way to enjoy a novel is to appreciate it because of how well written it is and not merely the content its self. Also elves have been way overdone. It's the 21st century dude; good authors don't limit themselves to the elf race. I think you'll be hard pressed to find very many novels with elves in them that aren't archaic or were written by authors that haven't already been well established in the genre for a long time (think Terry Brooks). I'm not trying to deride your tastes. We all have our own personal tastes and that's good. I just think most people are happier when they keep an open mind. That's all. Anyways I don't know what to suggest to you other than to 2nd the Prince of Thorns suggestion (very dark with one hell of an antihero) and to agree that cold fire trilogy definitely is not what you're looking for. You claim to be looking for dark fantasy, but it seems like horror novels will fit more of your criteria than very much fantasy (no elves, but like you said that's not a big deal). Are you a horror reader or have been?
  8. Amaryllis

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    Clive Barker borders on fantasy in a lot of his books (or straight up IS fantasy), like Imajica and Weaveworld, and he likes sex and gore. You'd be SOL on elves though.
  9. Antoxx

    Antoxx Journeyed there and back again

    Hi Gasharion

    Something which you might like given your requirements, is The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks.

    You won't find any elves or orcs but a very good magic system, plenty of swordfighting and battles and all wrapped around a type of quest - although probably fairer to state wrapped around some prophecies.

    Loads of violence and sex so I don't think you'd be disappointed on that front.

    Probably not 18+ but depending on how you might classify these things certainly not PG - maybe 16+. I think you'd probably struggle to find something that was 18+ that wasn't fan-fiction or self published.

    The Night Angel certainly aint LotR and it does have non-humans, although watching Game of Thrones on Soho I would've thought there was plenty of sex in ASoIaF.

    Night Angel Trilogy does have a very good storyline. Well written and probably doesn't take it self too seriously. I likened it to Mark Lawrence's The Broken Empire which Haven recommended. Not a perfect story but definitely good enough to warrant investing time. Good luck with your search.
  10. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    Aw, c'mon. If he's looking for Fantasy smut, let him.
  11. Pre (...): Obviously it does not... but sex and gore does not qualify as material for children, does it? Sex and gore IS adult material. But adult material is not ONLY sex and gore. I never said that. As I said before I enjoyed Harry Potter too, and aSoIaF is my favorite... but I'd like to have the mentioned OTHER adult material in it, too. I still want a good story, character depth and progress, etc.
    Whats wrong with that?

    After (...) : I'm a big horror fan, too.. yes. But if I ask for horror novels, I'm gonna be flooded with vampire/werewolves novels and I seriously dont want any more of those. I read Charlain Harris' Sookie novels, some Ann Rice and even some fun stuff like "When the autumn moon is bright". For a CHANGE I want my favorite genre, and if possible, with my favorite fantasy race. I am currently reading the first dragonlance novel.. its almost perfect. There is just not enough gore and almost no sex so far :( (please imagine sad smilie here.. doesnt seem to work oO ) Also I'm pretty sure I dont have to worry about the characters -.-

    P.S.: added The Night Angel Trilogy to my "to read" list. Thanks.
  12. moonspawn

    moonspawn Journeyed there and back again

    There's nothing wrong with that. From what I could derive from your post it sounded to me like plot progression and character development were second in enjoyment compared to gore and sex which you seem to love. It sounds like I was wrong which is good. Sorry I took what you were saying too literally. I also enjoyed aSoIaF, but my enjoyment was purely because of the plot and the characters. Obviously a lot of sex and gore isn't going to apply to children's novels, but at the same time this kind of content does not constitute maturity. I have a tendency to like novels that are really dark in tone, but aren't real gory. Summer of Night by Dan Simmons is like that. A great novel that I highly recommend if you haven't read it. Good authors shouldn't have to provide exorbitant descriptions of gore and sex to excite the reader no matter what kind of book they are writing; the reader's imagination can do that all on its own.
  13. Danica

    Danica Queen of the boards! Staff Member

    hah there is sex in life, i am sure there is in fantasy. I am imagining you wanting like a crazy amount of sex and a crazy amount of gore ..so my suggestions are based on that.

    I've tried to think of some, but it's a little difficult. If you think there wasn't enough sex in GoT it might be because when there is it's graphic but it isn't there constantly. I think you'll have a hard time finding a lot fo sex, if the characters are always boinking there is little time for anything else I guess.

    Night Angel trilogy is one, i second. I remember reading it and thinking that there was a 'fair' amount of sex in there, also a fair bit of fighting.

    The Demon Cycle is two books in, first one fair amount of fighting (probably not as much as you would like) second one, heaps of sex (not as graphic as you might like)

    other than that ... paranormal romance, probably heaps of sex in that, but not much violence. I also don't think there are many on the forums that read it ... maybe they'll respond to this with some suggestions.

    sorry I can't be more helpful :(
  14. Hand of Fear

    Hand of Fear Journeyed there and back again

    Hi Gasharion,

    I have had a look for you and you may find these books float your boat.

    Touched by Venom (from Dragon Temple Saga), by Janine Cross
    Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey
    High Couch of Silistra - Janet E. Morris
    The Black Jewels: Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood / Heir to the Shadows / Queen of the Darkness - Anne Bishop

    They dont cover all the points you have mentioned but they may be worth a look.
  15. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow No Power in the Verse can stop me Staff Member

    Yeah Night Angel has a lot of sex and gore.

    The Steel Remains has a lot of sex and gore too, though it's not all hetero.
  16. Garrison

    Garrison Possibly a Darkfriend

    Hi all... have enjoyed this site for awhile, and thought I'd join the forum to exchange and share.

    Yasmine Galenorn “Otherworld” series is up to about a dozen books now. It’s urban fantasy, with cross-over ‘pure’ fantasy worlds (I guess a little like Harry Potter). The series rotates perspective focus from the viewpoint of three sisters (a witch, a werecat and a vampire, if memory serves). I find the writing and characters rather shallow, but each book has several graphic sex scenes… honestly, they’re so overdone as to seem a bit out of place within the story. However lots of inter-species action, including elves (or elf-like species, anyway). The books have gotten more sexually graphic as the series has progressed; I’ve actually backed off after about the first eight books. It’s not what I’d call dark (although the vampire character has an interesting history), and the violence is not over the top… As Danica alludes, this series is sold out of the 'Romance' section, but honestly I think it must have been put there as a result of the sex scenes... the series reads more like Dresden Files with respect to plot and the various factions; romance is not the focus, and am unsure as to why it isn't in the Fantasy section. While light, I enjoyed the series with the exception of the sex... so if Dragonlance is near perfection for you, then I’m guessing you’ll enjoy this series.

    I’m in the process of reading Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy at the moment (almost through book 3)… I’ll add it to the various recommendations… dark, complex characters with a nice element of humor… Negligible sex, but certainly meets your criteria for violence. Absolutely fantastic series; you definitely want to keep that on your list.

    Good luck with your search!
  17. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow No Power in the Verse can stop me Staff Member

    Welcome aboard!
  18. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow No Power in the Verse can stop me Staff Member

    Oh I just thought of another

    Heroes Die by Matthew Stover. Sex and Gore aplenty
  19. Darth Tater

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    Perusing old threads and lookie what the proverbial cat dragged in. o_O

    I did a search on " elf orgies" ( please don't let my wife see it). Anyhow this " popped right up". There is a series of books called "Elfquest" by Keith Lowell Jenson that feature elf orgies. No really. Like a dream... Err.. come true, huh ? I don't know how dark it is but there are plenty of pictures that I'm certain will make up for whatever other requirements you " laid out" that are missing. I think it will likely fulfill all of your unique appetites.

    So dude (you've just got to be a guy) if you are still lurking about I think these illustrated books should keep you very busy. Happy..reading. :yuck::bored:
  20. moonspawn

    moonspawn Journeyed there and back again

    @Darth Tarter, I'm pretty sure @Gasharion isn't lurking about these forums anymore. I haven't seen him since this threads creation; he came in here asking for sicko recs. and then left. I probably scared him off. lol.

    Do we really need to know about the elf orgies? o_O

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