Dark Fantasy with adult content

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Gasharion, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I'm sure he left too. I wasn't REALLY trying to help that pervert. I was mocking him. I thought the thread was too funny. My post was only intended to hopefully elicit a chuckle. Ugh. Don't really think about that. It would melt your brain.
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    What you're looking for is an epic fantasy series with sex and gore beyond what most can handle. I have found this in only one place, the epic Drow (Dark Elf) novels of Sisterhood, Subterrane, Sufferance, and Surfacing. Unlike typical novels Sisterhood starts out with fast and furious sex scenes and the plot builds more slowly. But have patience, by the plot across this series is as intricate and fascinating as I have read anywhere. Since these novels are beyond what publishers will accept these days in terms of gore and explicit sex, they can be found for free on the literotica website under the author ETASKI.

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    The last post in this thread was posted about two years ago. Do you really expect the OP to be still lurking here, waiting for that one recommendation? Please.

    And are you the author of that book you described, by any chance? Sure seems like it.
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    Doesn't sound like the kind of thing I should google whilst at work!
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    I love it when people shove two words together to make up bullshit terms. Though I would have gone with cliterary websites myself...
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    We should make a list of post like these each year and vote on a winner. I think this would win the 2015 contest. Pushing self-published porn lit in a 2 year old thread? Amazing!
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    Great idea, I'll do something for 2016 :)
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    Ben Peller should win all years...
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    Impressive self promotion skills right there.

    I am actually reading it right now. Looking forward to chapter 2 after catching this description.

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    Old thread I wound up on while looking for new writers/series, but E.william Brown has a new series called <Daniel black series> that fits this exactly.
    His is a new self/amazon published writer, but a great set of books.
    Its not weird furrie/elf type fan fic or anything, but its does contain graphic sex and violence and a great plot with some dark aspects, but fantastic character development and a great pace.
    Also Jon ringo's <council wars> series also fits this bill.
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    Didn't we reach the conclusion that none of us (apart from maybe @MattKnott) has any interest in Elf porn?

    Thanks for your suggestions though (you filthy beast ;))
  12. Darwin

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  13. MattKnott

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    How do I turn a book off on my Goodreads shelf!

    I wanted to read the preview because I can't help but walk into screaming pits and clicked on want to read.

    Edit: In a booming mechanical voice *Crisis Averted*
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    i dont know if u guys agree with what im going to say but from what ive noticed, theres a BIG difference between the way men & women write.
    if u had to take any famous female writer who specialises in a certain genre & compare her with a good male writer who also specialises in the VERY SAME genre- u will notice a clear difference in the way they write
    im not talking about personal writing style- bcos every person has their own personal style

    this difference is due to gender
    and when it comes to horror & thriller/suspense novels- my 2 favourite genres,
    i REALLY wish amazon & Goodreads etc allow u to search by the authors gender.
    ive wasted lots of time searching for books mainly bcos of being unable to specify/select ONLY books by male writers

    with MOST women writers, everything tends to read like a Mills & Boone romance, irrespective of the genre
    with male writers- the gore & violence is mostly how i like it to be & even the sex is more real
    with ladies, its too much sentimental crap that just takes up lots of pages & kills the story.
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    Oookay... You might be over-generalizing a little bit here.
  16. TomTB

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    Welcome to the forum. I don't think you could manage to write a more controversial opening post, but welcome anyway.

    Completely 100% disagree for what it's worth. Are you sure you haven't actually been reading Mills & Boone books?
  17. kenubrion

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    Obviously you haven't read Elizabeth Moon. Or Kate Elliott. Or J. V. Jones. Or Robin Hobb. Or V. E. Schwab. Or Mercedes Lackey. Or Katherine Kurtz. Or Leigh Bardugo. Or C. J. Cherryh. Or Martha Wells.
  18. Silvion Night

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    Strangely enough I do agree that you can often tell whether an author is male or female. That part of your post I agree with.

    Being able to sort on gender would pose a whole lot of problems though, because it can never be checked, and then we'd have to request the gender from every author, which is bogus (besides, lots of authors operate under an alias or a pen-name, not always of the same gender).

    Your final three sentences are controversial and in my opinion also not true. As @kenubrion said, there is some great female (fantasy) authors out there and I would never classify their output as "sentimental crap".
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    Fucking Hugh can eat all of Star Platinum's oras.
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    I don't agree with msmoorad but his post made me think if I know any female author that writes grimdark and I can't say I do. Any female Joe Abercrombie you guys know?

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