Journeyed there and back again
I had bought this game and played it with my son but got bored quickly (PS4). The game is just far too easy. Does anybody even die playing this game co-op? My son on his own was blowing through levels with ease and the higher difficulty levels were locked down until you complete the story which is dumb. To force someone to button mash bored through a story because the difficulty is so weak in order to raise the difficulty just turned us off completely and traded it in. A super simple solution to open up all difficulty settings from the beginning would have saved this game for us. Instead it ruined it.

Matticus Primal

Journeyed there and back again
Diablo was one of the few games I ever played, and so I bought D3 as soon as it came out. Only to realize after the fact it would not run on my computer (in my defence, this was only mentioned in a footnote on the specs page). Probably for the best though since I have a bad habit of getting lost in its predecessors instead of basic human activities like sleep, food and bathing.

Silvion Night

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I bought Diablo 3 as soon as it came out and finished two rounds before I got bored with it. It's just ridiculous that to get a higher difficulty level you have to play through the entire game. And then when you play the higher difficulty level, it is still easy, because not only the monsters are stronger, but you yourself are stronger too. What a waste of a potentially great game. No, give me Diablo 1 or 2 any time.


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I read a rumour-type of article somewhere that claimed that Blizzard was thinking of just moving on to *Diablo 4* instead of bothering with another expansion pack. Not sure how true it is, of course!
I was a d3 fan, but then I met PoE and I prefer the Path of Exile. I played Diablo 3 when the necromancer came out, of course I had to pay for it ... Diablo 3 is too easy for me, you walk and push 1-2-3-4 in different order. Nothing more. I had some fun with looking for Cosmic Wings, but it takes so much that it's probably better to buy these wings.