Ever fallen in love with a character from a fantasy book!?!


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huh, not really fall in love, but I cheer the relationship on when she begins to interact when the hero, not anyone imparticular, just whomever gets the main character befuddled in a way I feel in a similar way. but she must be one or more of these, you know intelligent, pretty (i liked Name of the winds attempt at this, the four attempts to describe her and then scraping the project.) not cowardly or tactless or any other common trait amongst the helpless damsels in a typical fantasy novel


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Currently got a bit of a thing for Lostara Yil ... deadly and hot! Gggrrrrr ...


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I really loved Kahlan from the sword of truth series, mostly in the first four books. I also really loved aviendha from wheel of time. I tend to really like the stronger female roled characters that don't put up with much but have their weak moments. Their portrayal I believe were two of the better done female characters in those respective series as well.


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Not in a book but after a 100 or so hours of Skyrim, I had grown strangely fond of Lydia and made her stay at home and got a new follower. She's still there now as I work my way thru the expansion packs!! waiting to cook me dinner like an e-wife.


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Have I ever fallen in love with an imaginary character? What a strange question!
Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to put you down or be mean or anything like that, but that makes no sense to me.

There are characters that I like or dislike ofc, and many shades between them, but falling in love with them? What?
So I guess answer to the question would be no, but then again the question is kinda silly.
Falling in love means romantic love, and you cant have romance with a fictional character. Although I know some people online who marry game characters, anime pillows and statues. But in all trueness, those people are either cuckoo for cocoa puffs or asking for media/people's attention.

But I'm still very fond of Laurana, more than any other fantasy character.
Being fond of something is a universe away from being in love.

Sorry for this little post. I'm very sensitive to language. Wrong wording or misuse of terms is like a thousand needles pricking my skin. I got to react.

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I have a thing for rugged northmen. First it was Ned until he lost his head (and Sean Bean too...anything Sean Bean) now I've got a thing for Logen. His desire to be normal and good despite the evil in him just makes me want to hug him. I realize getting close to the bloody nine might be dangerous but damn!

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Its such a pretty head. I think I'd like to keep it...


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After despising her, I find myself slowly falling for Malta Vestrit. o_O