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Matticus Primal

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Like many of the self-published authors here, I fear I've been learning the marketing/ promotion aspect of writing after the fact. And, like many of you out there, I have created a blog to support/ promote my book.

But, to get to the point of this post, I've also been reading a lot of the blogs from other members of this forum, and I wonder if anyone here has any interest in combining forces/ audiences/ long-suffering friends that are kind enough to support our artistic endeavors.

So I'd like to set up a spot where we can look for guest bloggers, fellow book reviewers, and perhaps some author interviews. And maybe link up facebook/ twitter/ goodreads/ social media while we're at it.

So if you've got a blog and are looking for/ open to any of these things, please post your information below. It would then be my hope that fellow author bloggers can then approach anyone here for potential guest blogs, interviews, or reviews for swaps.

If you're down, please post with your:
Blog = link and if you've got a theme/ hook behind it, and HOW OFTEN DO YOU UPDATE!
Book = genre and logline
Social media links = facebook, twitter, goodreads, etc
Are you open to exchanging author interviews?
Are you open to hosting guest book reviews on your site?

And if you find someone here you'd like to approach for an exchange, please do so via a PRIVATE MESSAGE. This is to both keep this thread uncluttered and to avoid any public embarrassment if someone is turned down.
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Matticus Primal

Journeyed there and back again
And to kick things off, I'll go first.

Blog: My hook is adapting screenplay writing techniques for novels, but I also occasionally delve into the Fantasy genre as well as short stories within my fantasy world. I update once a week.
Book: The Woven Ring - gunpowder fantasy where a former spy and traitor to her homeland escorts a comatose girl back deep into enemy territory to either start or stop a second civil war.
Social Media: Facebook, goodreads
I would LOVE to exchange guest blogs related to writing and the Fantasy genre in general.
I would LOVE to exchange interviews with fellow authors.
I would LOVE to host some guest book reviews from anyone (too busy to read myself).
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Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune
Great idea!

Blog: Town Crier. I try to write posts about my area of expertise, which is literary criticism and to a lesser degree, linguistics/etymology and history. Try to explain complex concepts to non-experts or just explore topics (especially in history and language) that I find amusing or curious. I update about monthly.
Book: The Eagle's Flight. Fantasy in a medieval setting with focus on characters from different backgrounds, each pursuing their own agenda through politics, intrigue, war, friendship and betrayal.
Social media: Facebook, goodreads
I am open to exchanging author interviews, though I would prefer it being with both parties having read the other's book.
I am open to hosting guest posts if it fits the concept of my blog.

jo zebedee

Journeyed there and back again
I do a lot of blog swopping and am always up for both hosting and guesting.

I'm on I set it up to tell the truth about being a writer as well as more general blogs on writing, books, reviews, author interviews, general rants. I get between 1500-2000 unique hits per month, so it's grown into a reasonably big baby. I update at least weekly and often more.

Books: - I have a space opera trilogy out and a standalone sf. Due to publish in 2017 is a dark fantasy and, hopefully, time allowing a sf novella and short story collection. I'm also in 3 anthologies with another due soon and have a number of short stories published in various places.

Social media: I'm on Twitter (joz1812) and facebook, instagram. I also promote my blog on, and on

Basically I'm always open to a swop.


Journeyed there and back again
Blog = (slightly over the top reviews, my writing ineptitude, occasional forays into my other interests, and eventually news about my books). It updates whenever the Moon is hidden and the Sidhe are riding.
Book = I'm a-working on it
Social media links = I tweet and do Goodreads
Are you open to exchanging author interviews? I am open to interviewing authors; I'm open to being interviewed when I am an author; exchanges aren't necessary but work if we both have something to say
Are you open to hosting guest book reviews on your site? Guest anythings really. Guest book reviews have to have cool gifs though (well, okay, they don't...). Anyone who wants to write content for me is a lovely person!


A farm boy with a sword
Blog =
I usually update once a week. I blog about the people and projects that inspire me, the maps I've made for myself and other authors, and workshops on writing, storytelling, and world-building. I also post my personal inspirations and bonus content from my Tales of the Known World saga.

Book = Awakening, a potent tale of self-discovery. Epic Fantasy / Literary Fiction

Social media links = Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest

I am interested in writing book reviews for indie authors.
I am interested in exchanging author interviews with indie authors.
I am interested in exchanging guest posts related to writing, storytelling, and world-building.
I am interested in showcasing guest resources such as writing aids, marketing tools, and creative projects.
I am interested in creative collaboration on projects related to writing.
I am interested in contributing extant content from my website to yours.
I am open to hosting guest reviews of indie books, provided they meet certain criteria.

All guest-related content on my blog is regularly compiled into the attached Guest Resources file, which is available for free download at