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So... blame this one on excitement about being back on the board after an absence and a bit of red wine, but...

Did you ever have those books as a kids that were in three vertical parts. They usually had different creatures or professions on, you could turn the bits separately so end up with the head of a crocodile, the arms of a plumber and the feet of a deep sea diver.

What would you do if you could choose a fantasy character like this?

I'm thinking:
Head of Gandalf
Torso of Logan 9 Fingers
Legs of Legolas.

On the surface of it it could be a deadly combo. But Legolas's quick legs don't look like they could take a punch. Gandalf's eye sight probably isn't what it was. Mixing them up this way for strengths could actually make the resulting hybrid much weaker. Does anyone think they could come up with a winning combo?

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The head of Kvothe (Hes super handsome and smart)
The torso of Alayne Trakand (hey, I like my guys to have boobs, or my girls to have guy heads. Whatever)
The legs of Rincewind (very fast)

Now I realize that this will end up as a freak, but that's okay. It makes me appear more normal in comparison.


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How about
the head of Jamie Lannister
the body of the Mountain
the legs of ummmm, Arya, or maybe Bran (no, not Bran, maybe Sansa)
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Journeyed there and back again
The head of Duck man.
The body of Foul Old Ron
The legs of Rincewind

(one for the Discworld fans there - this combo should keep you out of trouble either by making people laugh/ repelling them with stench or simply fleeing wildly)


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The head of Min
The body of Elayne
The legs of Aviendha.

Rand's life would've been so much easier ...