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    Curious about your personal blacklist: is it a personal thing with these authors or just their style and content?

    As far as avoiding or picking books based on summary - I do this all the time. I'm not a steampunk guy and certain things will turn me off so I avoid them. But to defend Kenubrion a bit, some people that have used summaries to avoid a book have also gone on to heavily criticize that book. That makes no sense to me. You can't heavily criticize a book and an author on second hand information imo.
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    I didn't know if I shoukd check the like, agree, funny, or agree button. So I said WTH, I will slam the golden buzzer! :hilarious:

    I personally, for the most part, loved WOT for the first few books (back in my early "fantasy days") and then became totally frustrated later. But still liked it. I totally understand your perspective although I don't know if I would make that decision for myself today. Perhaps. But that's irrelevant. The tone made me laugh and was so on point, IMO.

    N.K. Jemison. Oh STFU woman. FANTASY writers with personal agendas on religion, politics, race, etc. I avoid like the plague. I don't care if their points are valid or important. Totally agree there but again the tone and the way it was driven home was what counted. If I want to read a book about that stuff I will buy one that just says it in plain language. Fantasy is my escape. If someone else I "know" here or anywhere else loves that stuff why would I care? Glad to hear they enjoyed a book!

    Loved the post Racuald, I mean Cradula, I mean Udclara, or Aucralud, or whatever the hell your confusing name is? :wacky:
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    I totally agree, Rudy. You cannot fairly criticize a specific book or type of book. But you can always fairly say that based on the information you received it is the TYPE of book you dislike or even an entire genre you personally hate. People can tell me the books have value or promote understanding. That's fine. They certainly may be correct. Maybe I already learn about those things if I choose to via methods other than fantasy books.

    For instance I know romance books have their fans and all the power to them but put a gun to my head and give me the choice of read it or I pull the trigger...well, OK. I would read it. But under no other circumstances would I do so.

    Nobody not my family, friends, co-workers, aquaintences, or strangers can tell ME what I SHOULD PERSONALLY enjoy. They can tell me why they think it's a great book and give me all kinds of testimonies, statistics or whatever. I like what I like. Do not judge me.

    I may like vegetables but hate brussel sprouts.I may hate all fruits and vegetables. A person can tell me they are healthy, and how could I argue? But do NOT tell me I PERSONALLY would enjoy them or Twilight, or Piers Anthony, slasher movies, or...
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    No, I read both of them. I didn't like what they had to offer. I kinda went back and forth on Sanderson, so much so that I started reading Way of the Kings after being annoyed and disappointed by Elantris. I got 200 hundred pages in WotK, and I gave up. The truth of the matter is, I don't like their writing style and Sanderson bores the life out of me whenever I read him.

    As far as personal thing, the only author I have blacklisted without reading anything by them is Marion Zimmer Bradley. She sexually abused her daughter from ages 3 to 12. Her husband Walter H. Breen was convicted pedophile, with multiple sexual molestation cases including Bradley's daughter, and by her own admission in court, she knew what he was doing and decided not to report him. The only reason she wasn't in jail is because it took a long time for her daughter to come out with the information that she was doing the same thing as her husband. But by that time she was already dead.
    Once you read about it, you realize what a literal hell her house was for any kids that had a misfortune to end up there.

    Would you say WoT is dated? Didn't age well?

    I read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and there were several issues with it. She wrote it in first person, which is eww. Second thing is awkward sex scenes with Gods and exploding beds, which is a bit more than I can take. That combination of first person and sex scenes was horrific. It's basically a romance novel disguised as fantasy. I don't sign up for that when I pick up what I think is a fantasy book.
    As far as writers pushing an agenda I agree with you. I'm not against them pitching a few ideas here and there, exploring things that are important to them in fantasy setting. All fine and dandy. But don't hit me over the head with it. The books usually suffer for it, because it's not about the story or the characters anymore. Best example of this C. S. Lewis with whole Narnia series, but especially The Last Battle. That book.....well you might as well take the bible and repeatedly hit someone on the head with it; it will have the same effect.
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    Yes. I totally agree WOT is dated. That's why I wrote " in my early fantasy days".

    As far as social agendas if I wasnt clear, IMO people have every right to advocate whatever cause they choose. I may 100% suport them. But keep it the hell out of fantasy if you want ME to buy it. That's cool if you choose to do that but I PERSONALLY will not go near it when presented in that forum.

    Bradley, I had no idea. Glad I avoided her stuff anyhow. Sick sick bitch. I refuse to read authors that are child molesters, criminals, or anything like that. I just don't want to give them my money. Although in Bradley's case it probably goes to her daughter who deserves it. But still it makes Bradley look like I would buy her book regardless of her horrendous acts even though she is burning in hell...if there is one. In cases like this I hope there is.
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    I know this was directed at Darth but I will take a shot at it. I would say WoT is old school in that it is heavily into magic and has Orc like creatures similar to LOTR (although the two are not similar imo). It is a classic Good vs Evil story that has no swearing and no sex scenes. But I think the writing is fine. I don't think dated is fair as it implies unreadable or lower quality. I just read the entire series in the course of a year or so and I think it holds up well. Part of me misses the world that Jordan created. So many good characters and many different characters as well. I'm glad I read the series. It's not perfect. Some plots are wasted and things Jordan finds important I sometimes found very tedious. Book 7 was weak and books 8-10 a slog to get through.

    I personally would find it hard to recommend this series to anyone other than a major hardcore fantasy person due to the fact it's 14 books! Even then it may not fit their tastes. The world and characters grow on you though and you get attached. Just too bad Jordan got carried away with adding minor characters and boring political/useless plots that too often did not advance the overall story.

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    Right. When I say "dated" I only mean that fantasy, like everything else, evolves. IMO not always for the better in some ways. I think LOTR and WOT (except 7-10) are fantastic works. I would have no problem recommending either to a new fantasy reader or old pro. With certain disclaimers. ;)
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    The writing in Wheel of Time is a little dated imo, the density of description is not something I see publishers selling today. Not as dated as some from the same era though as we move away from 3rd Panoramic to 3rd Close. I think Wheel of Time might be the first fantasy series I read that put pretty much everything through the eyes of a character. Not sure its entirely Good vs Evil either. I mean, it is on one level, but the Children of Light/Seanchan/Elaida's Aes Sedai/Shaido are anti-Rand but still not evil. Influenced by evil at times, sure, but then so is Rand. In any case, I can't think of many other series of that vintage that spend so long with team Antagonist either. And while there aren't overt sex scenes, it is awash with hormones in a way that's quite modern.

    Dated but not as dated as some is a good description of the Wheel of Time. I think in a lot of ways it paved the path for the current fashions, which took things to the next level. I sometimes idly wonder what the next fashion in fantasy will be.

    Tangent aside though, everyone's going to have reading tastes formulated from their experiences. I don't think anyone's arguing over that. Its whether taking these experiences then measuring them against the experiences of others to make judgments is sensible that's at question.
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    Very very very well fucking said!

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