Farseer fans help


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Hi guys and girls, I've just finished assassins fate and so my favourite fantasy series is now finished :( the first 3 books got me into fantasy and I've never looked back.

I've read books in between but none have come close to what the realm of the elderlings book gave me. Kingkiller nearly got to the same Heights but alas the third book may not happen for a long time or ever...

Please can you recommend me a fantasy series that you loved as much or nearly as much as the elderlings.


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Well you're fortunate in that you've just read your first series and have hundreds to go. A series that is many books long like Farseer is the Crown of Stars series by Kate Elliott. Rather than give a synopsis I recommend you read the description in the Amazon listing. Deed of Paksenarrion will also have you loving fantasy even more.

Don't forget the Best of lists that actually are the core of these sites. You might enjoy just reading the lists for a while.