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Those names are great! Love cats but can't have one anymore (rented house and we're not allowed). The polecats are outside so they're ok, and the snake...well, she doesn't shed fur or have fleas or scratch things heh...
Polecats? I'm intrigued ...

Are they like ferrets?

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Are they like ferrets?

I think so. I had a room mate in my 20's who had ferrets. They were cute, and fun little critters, but they were always stealing things, and hiding them. Keys, wallets, cell phone cases, and pretty much anything else they could carry. They were also fond of pooping in shoes. Imagine getting ready for work in the morning only to find the ferrets have hidden your keys, and shit in your shoe.:rage::rage::rage:
Lucky for the long rats I'd never hurt an animal. I'd have to settle for glaring at them, and baring my teeth.

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I wouldn't even group all dogs (or other mammalian pets) into the same bunch, personality-wise. Also, why do you not let your cats out? Or take them on walks also on a leash if you're worried about them? I had a neighbour that would only take her cat out on a leash, but at least the cat got out.
Haha, have you ever tried to take a cat out on a leash?

I have done it some times with cats who were not allowed to "really" go out (e.g. after operations or because they were not yet used to the new home), and the only thing that they seemed capable of doing was trying to get away from the leash :D.

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Yeah they're ferrets. I only say polecates because that's their colouring. People tend to think of ferrets being white (which some are through breeding). A ferret is just a domesticated polecat anyway. Been domesticated for a couple thousand years at least!
Cheeky lil' fellas, and yes, they do like to run off with things and they aren't scared of anything either. When they were indoors, Maverick and Goose used to attack the vacuum cleaner whilst it was on, and now they're outside, they hang on the cage and watch the local fox in the garden (not something small animals tend to do). Thankfully the fox is scared of them and stays clear heh...

When we had our cat (big lad he is - lives with brother-in-law now), he used to play wack'o'mole with the boys. The ferrets would jump up at him to play, and he'd paw them back down again by bopping them on the head one after the other lol

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Haha thanks. I can't take credit though, it was Wifey's idea. She impressed me greatly when she came up with that.


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Had a friend with ferrets once. His house stank. Never worked out if was the ferrets or the 3 foot iguana.
Ever see that inkheart film where they shoved little horns on a ferret to make it "magical" ? always makes me think of Bill Murray in Scrouged when he suggests stapling antlers on a mouse.
The book of inkheart wasn't bad, I believe the author is the most popular German language children's author. Anyone ever read the others in the seriest?

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That's a small iguana. I had one that was close to 6 feet long.

My money is on the ferrets being the stinky ones. Although I have never had ferrets before, mammals are generally stinkier than reptiles, with carnivorous/omnivorous mammals being somewhat stinkier than herbivores. One year I counted, and my iguana only eliminated waste 7 times all year. Seriously. (Granted, the next year he did it every 3 days. I guess he just wanted to keep me on my toes.) He lived to be probably at least 10 years old (kind of a mean bugger, though).

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Had a friend with ferrets once. His house stank. Never worked out if was the ferrets or the 3 foot iguana.
Probably the carper sharks like Sneaky said. Tends to be a lot worse with un-neutered males and all ferrets on a poor diet. They have natural oils that help keep their fur clear, which smells, but the worst is their waste when not on a natural diet. The 'ferret foods' you buy are full of plant proteins and carbs. Ferrets cannot digest carbs and struggle with any protein bar animal protein. They're carnivores and should eat meat only. They get ill on anything but and it halves their lifespan and makes their poop stink! Ours were switched from a dry 'ferret food' diet to a prey diet (frozen chicks/rabbit/chicken pieces etc...) and their health improved so much. More energy, less fat, more muscle, shiny coat and far less waste (and far less stinky). Was a great move. Took us a while to get over defrosting chicks and whole rabbits to feed them, but it's natural (much cheaper when you buy in bulk - we have a separate freezer) and they love it. They even eat the lot, bones, fur and all. The fur helps clean out their pipes to stop fur balls (they can't cough them up like a cat can).

As for lizards. Iguanas are cool! They don't tend to smell, just their habitats sometimes and their food (although iggies are veggies so all good there). my brother has a bearded dragon and three leopard geckos. They're great. The only thing that smells is when the beardie goes to the toilet, and their insect prey (kept in tubs but still smell). I miss the lizards :-( Only get to see them a couple of times a year because he lives so far away. Oh well, we have out snake, Bella :)