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For Honor is a pretty cool online sword fighting game. I played the alpha and it had a really epic feel. The beta is open today through Sunday Night (North American time). The beta is closed but try to get a code and check it out if you are interested. I was wary of it, especially since I generally don't play online, but had a lot of fun.


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Is it anything like Chivalry? Or Mount&Blade: Warband?


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I have no idea as I never played those games. Sorry.

The game modes in the alpha were straight up 1 v 1 or 2 v 2. In the 2 v 2 you are on separate platforms so if you kill one person you can run over to the other side and try to help your teammate or you can fight his opponent or double team him. The 4v4 is a lot of fun because there are 3 zones you have to capture for points. One team is on defence, the other offence. There are a lot of bots in the 4v4 that are easy to hack down.

The combat itself against another player is simple and yet has it's own strategies and nuances. It's best to look at the video tutorials on how to do things. Blocking isn't easy all the time. You choose to block or attack left/right/high. You have strong and weak attacks and combos. Getting double teamed is brutal though. I found this mode had a really epic feel to it and the environments were cool. You'd have to climb ladders at times and can push people off ledges.

I think it's something you have to experience. I have one more beta code left (PS4). If you have a Ubisoft account (UPlay?) then I can send one to you through my ubisoft account (user name rudyjuly2). Just let me know. Going to try to play later today.
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I translate for Playstation, and I keep seeing this title thrown around. Now it even haunts me here!

If I had a PS though, I'd definitely try the open beta. I always have this dream of getting my hands on a two-handed axe and start chopping everything in sight.
Great game, and what I most like is dificulty level. It's not so easy to play
The only game I prefer from the easy Path of Exile (PoE)


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Does this one have a SP campaign?
A small one. Each of the three character types has a campaign that are each roughly two hours. I'm normally an offline guy but the online is so good I haven't done them. My kids have though.

I think a big issue for the game is integrating new players. Current players are so skilled that newbies will really struggle against other users. But you can choose to play against the AI which has three levels and is more forgiving. And playing Dominion with other user teammates will help if you stick near someone (always a good idea no matter what).