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    This thread is to post links/deals for FREE ebooks. Free you say? Yes, believe it or not there are some big hitting authors who have released or release (free) ebook versions once in a blue moon. I'd like to keep this thread limited to free books by published (and fairly well known) authors rather than obscure, unknown, or new self-published authors.

    There are really two kinds of free when it comes to ebooks (we are going to focus on #2 here as anyone can easily find #1):

    1) older, out of print books that are public domain (think Jules Vern Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the See or The Time Machine by HG Wells)

    2) copy-righted works by authors who, for some reason or the other, have decided to give away their book for free.

    3) illegal, pirated books. For obvious reasons, we won't be discussing those or posting links on this thread! Books on this thread are all free and legal -- given away by the authors themselves.

    Blindsight: Peter Watts's Blindsight is free on the author's webpage. This book ranks #24 on The Top 25 Best Science Fiction List. - Thanks to @Alucard for the info.

    Rifters series
    by Peter Watts:
    1. Starfish
    2. Maelstrom
    3. ├čehemoth
    Warbreaker: Brandon Sanderson's AWESOME epic fantasy tale, Warbreaker is downloadable as a free ebook on his webpage

    Little Brother by Corey. Download it here. - Thanks to @Laurentius for the info.

    Wool by Hugh Howey. Science fiction and a series that has pretty good reviews. It's uber famous right now in the sci-fi world. It's free on KOBO books if you use WOOLBAKKA coupon.

    When She's Gone by Steven Erikson (not fantasy, but by a well known fantasy author). Thanks to @epicfantasyfreak for the info

    Also, for some older science fiction and fantasy books in ebook form (all from authors who have published with Baen), check out the BAEN FREE LIBRARY.

    Please post MORE free ebooks here. @Alucard is mod of this subforum, so she can perhaps keep this top post list updated (as will I).
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    Thanks @btkong, I'd be happy to :) I'll keep an eye open for those generous authors.

    Oh yeah, I'm a she, not a he. :)
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    This is awesome but I have a really dumb question for anyone who knows. I hope you will take my age and not so much my I.Q. Into consideration. I just am slow with these kind of slow on these modern technology things. :oops:

    So I'm interested in a couple of these books. But while I know how to download a book to my kindle from Amazon, I've never downloaded a book from another site.

    I can download it to my iphone right? But from there can I get it to my kindle and if so how difficult is it to do?
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    I own neither a kindle nor an iphone, but I'm pretty good with computers and I've done the following "manual method" before for others. Perhaps you can use bluetooth to transfer the files without the need for a computer as I describe, idk, I don't own those devices, so I'm not familiar enough with them to say..

    You could download it to your iphone, but if you have a laptop or desktop, use that instead in this method. You will simply download the file to your computer (save it on the desktop or downloads folder - wherever you usually save downloaded stuff), plug your kindle up to the computer, and cut-and-paste it to the folder on the kindle where the books are stored (I don't know exactly where that is, but you can just look around until you find all the files of the books you know you have on your kindle and paste it there - that'll be a pretty safe bet). If you try to do it with the iphone, you just have to copy it from the iphone to the computer to the kindle instead, and again, I'm not sure exactly where the iphone stores such downloaded files. Your kindle will automatically recognize the file and allow you to read it like any other book.
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    The only one I know of: Steven Erikson has a free ebook called When She's Gone, but it's not fantasy...
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    Also, @Darth Tater, I should have added that the file format you want to use depends on your model of kindle, but it's either "awz" or "mobi" for older models and "KF8" for new (I think that one is only on the kindle fire). So, make sure you download the correct file format if there are multiple choices, and if not, Calibre is an easy-to-use and free and open-source program that converts from one format to another.
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    I think that's ok. Laurentius had one such find as well.
    @btkong, could you update the first post, so this doesn't gets lost among discussion. Thanks :)

    @Darth Tater
    I wouldn't use iphone to manage kindle files. Use PC or laptop and follow EFF's advice. Best bet for you is to download mobi, that format works on any kindle type I think.
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    @Alucard top post updated.

    Keep the books coming guys if you know any more freebies!
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    Damn...I kept thinking of you as a she by your writing style and demeanor (not in a bad sense)...not sure of the right word. But I thought something made reference to you being male and being the dumb"butt" that I am I thought maybe your name was Al U. Card or something.

    I was afraid to ask because I did not want to offend you. I mean I don't mind offending people but I don't want to do it unintentionally.

    Thanks for all your help on everything .Not just on the recent thing but a lot of stuff.

    Thank you. I just saw this. I was wondering if I needed to do something special. I know you explained it really well but I don't understand that stuff so I will just have to stick to the Amazon ones
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    That's hilarious. Alucard is reverse of Dracula. It's also the name of my favorite anime character.

    Don't worry Tater, I'm rarely offended by people online (or offline for that matter). It has to be something really heinous to get me going. Mistaking my pronoun doesn't qualify.
    The reason I wrote what I wrote, is because I'm ocd and don't like seeing mistakes if I can personally prevent or fix them.

    You are welcome. I will help anyway I can in the future as well.
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    Helsing is awesome!
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    Tor are offering a free ebook of their favourite short stories and novelettes from last year until the 17th. Link here -
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    There is an awesome fantasy book by G. Akella that is free now. Akella is already known as one of the top LitRPG authors in the world. If you have ever heard of LitRPG, you probably know the series Realm of Arkon. The series has obtained thousands of fans all over the world. It has also been one of the top best-selling series both in the USA and Europe. So... Now the first book of the series "Patch 17" is available for free on Amazon. If you are not familiar with LitRPG and you like fantasy, sci-fi and some gaming/mmorpg (but not necessarily), this should be the kind of read that you'd like.
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