Free fantasy books, anyone?

Olli Tooley

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Hi all, I do hope this is alright to post.
I think it should be. If not, Admin, please tell me.

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There is a new website offering free books in exchange for an honest review.
Most of the books are e-books, but there is also sometimes a free draw for one or more physical copies.
It's a new site, so there aren't stacks of titles there yet, but a fair amount of what there is, is fantasy.

I must declare a connection. The site was set up by an author, Joni Dee, whose book is published by my publishing imprint, Blue Poppy Publishing.
(Joni is not English and the site hasn't had a full edit so please forgive him a few oddities in the text. ;) )

It's called "Book Gobbler"
Any indie authors might want to check it out to get reviews, and readers (and bloggers) may well want to get some free reading material.
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