Free for 5 days Sequel now in print and eBook. SciFi

Eric W Deakin

Killed in the battle against the Mad King
Good News.
The Sequel to “The First New Martians” is now in print and eBook format with Amazon. The first book will be available free for 5 days from the 16th March. The new novel called “Tomorrow’s Belt” Traces the slow but steady movement of Humanity out from Earth. The colonisation of Mars described in the first volume has resulted in a self-sufficient successful colony now called “New Mars” The need for heavy metals and water for Mars has resulted in a move to colonise the Asteroid Belt. Some of this colonisation has been by companies sanctioned by the New Mars councils. Some are the result of Criminals, incarcerated on the Moon and now unable to sustain planetary gravity, stealing tugs and escaping to the Belt. Their theft is aided and abetted by Jula. A charismatic leader who sees the sense in having those people with the drive to escape, move to a hostile environment where their resolve might allow them to survive and even prosper. She helps to provide the tugs and supplies to set up small settlements. Some of these people resort to piracy and later need to be controlled.
Meanwhile, The Axis Kentrikós’s vessel Syrax, commanded by the Guardian, fights an interstellar war with a Hive entity, hoard. He is assisted by the Uurtig, an alien race, who unknown to humankind are now their allies. The results of this war, bring the Axis Kentrikós’s representative to New Mars and Earth. An ultimatum is issued.