FREE Sci Fi/Horror Book 'The Stone Man' on Amazon (Rated 4.7 out of 5, 72 reviews)

Hi guys,

My horror/sci-fi novel 'The Stone Man' (rated 4.7 out of 5 with 72 reviews on Amazon UK) is FREE until Saturday on the Amazon Kindle UK and US sites. It was number one earlier this year on the free horror bestseller list, and number 14 in the paid horror bestseller list after that.

It's a different take on horror; a more psychological/realist approach to dealing with the paranornal, so if you're looking for a departure from the usual fare and something a bit more original, here's the blurb:


Two-bit reporter Andy Pointer had always been unsuccessful (and antisocial) until he got the scoop of his career; the day a man made of stone appeared in the middle of his city.

This is his account of everything that came afterwards, and the people that were lost along the way; of the terrible price that he, and the rest of his country, had to pay.

The destruction. The visions. The dying.

A full-length novel. 140,000 words."

Below are the USA and UK links if you fancy getting yourself a FREE, full-length, highly rated eBook! Thanks for having a look at this thread anyway, and if you give the book a go (why not? it's free!! :-D) I really hope you enjoy it; and if you do, check out my other books (Luke Smitherd) on Amazon. But hurry, as it's only free until close of play on Friday when my free listing days run out! :)

Luke Smitherd

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