Game of Thrones Season 7 (spoilers)

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Overall I liked the finale. It was less good than the penultimate episode, but we have become used to that. The before-last episode is always the most epic.

- The scene in the dragon pit. It was very cool to have all these main characters together in one place. You could really feel the tension.
- Cersei was again very cool in this episode. I liked how she easily manipulated the rest of the lords and ladies. Can't wait to see how she will manage the Golden Company.
- The unfolding of the Sansa vs Arya ploy. I didn't like this story arc at all, but it turns out Sansa and Arya were playing Littlefinger all along. I was cheering when LF bit the dust.
- Sam. This dude has become one of my favorites. A real achievement, as I hated this character in the books. The actor is awesome though. I particularly liked the scene between him and Bran. Creepshow Bran: "I can see everything now". Sam: "That's nice". :hilarious:

- Theon. I didn't care about the scene between him and Jon and I hated the scene where he reclaimed command over the iron islanders in order to rescue his sister. I'm more than through with Theon's repeated redemption character arc.
- The "fight" at the Wall. The visuals were stunning, but the scene didn't make much sense. So the entire plan of the Night King would have been in ruins if he didn't have a zombie dragon? That's great strategy...

Personal meh's:

- So we knew about Jon's real pedigree, but now we know for sure. It will take some getting used to calling him Aegon now. The relationship between him and Dany was quite predictable. I didn't dislike this revelation per se, I had just hoped GRRM and the B&B would have gone for a less predictable approach. Sure, my wife and her friends loved it ("yay, finally they hook up" --> disturbingly condones incest right there by the way), but to me it was a bit of a let-down.
- Cersei letting Jamie and Tyrion go. She should have ordered the Mountain to cut off their heads. I really can't understand why she didn't. Totally out of character if you ask me.

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Well I watched it whole over the weekend and last night and......I didn't like it. I didn't hate it either. If anything this season has solidified my 'meh' feeling toward the series.
But with all the teleporting of characters and consequent lack of suspense because of it, as well as some characters acting out of their character, my opinion is this was the weakest season yet.

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It was less good than the penultimate episode, but we have become used to that. The before-last episode is always the most epic
Agreed. I always expect the finale to do a lot of talking and less acting, but with that said I actually enjoyed this season finale more than most of the previous seasons, mainly due to the little moments between great characters. I found that the coming together of characters who may not have had any contact, or may only have had contact with each other quite awhile ago, was just fun to watch. I loved the little quip between the Hound and Brienne, and seeing Jamie and Brienne meet up again. I was also interested to see how Cersei met with Jon Snow, who she's never met before (she seemed nonplussed. lol). The reunion of the Hound and the Mountain was tension-filled and fun. And of course, Cersei's glance at Tyrion as she ascended the dais made their eventual (fantastic) dialogue scene even more dramatic.

There were so many of these little moments, and I found that they made up for the lack of a larger plot progression that seems inevitable in the last episode of the season.

One spoiler question I will put out there is this:
Did Tormund survive the falling of the wall? I ask because it seemed pretty quiet as the wight army was casually strolling through the giant hole in the wall. Not a night's watchman to be seen.

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No need to use spoiler tags in this thread. It's one big spoiler basically.

Yes, I think he survived. When the zombie dragon blasted through the Wall you saw him and Beric running to the side which in a later shot was undamaged.


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Before watching it I thought damn there's a lot to be stuffed into this last episode, turns out it wasn't. Very slow paced compared to the rest of the seasons and it was the PERFECT ending for me. It needed to slow down a little bit.

Question, did anyone else see it coming from a mile away that it would end with the Night King burning down the wall? Penultimate episode was all walker/North focused so I figured the next would be King's Landing, which it was. Kinda like how the ending to season 6 was. But of course they couldn't close out the season without anything on the dead army. Basically told everyone I know it would end with them invading Westeros. Maybe they won't even talk to me about the show anymore, probably thinking I just wanted to spoil it for them:D

By the way holy **** it was the most epic thing I've ever seen on TV. When he flew by and you saw that blue flame the first time.. I swear I was shaking when I understood what was coming..

I agree some things were done better a few seasons ago but damn if this still isn't legendary television.


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"You're even fucking uglier than I am now". Best line of the episode. The Hound has become my favourite character even more over the last two seasons.

I hope Tormund makes it from behind (what is now) enemy lines to be with his big woman Brienne.
I enjoyed the pit scene too, and particularly appreciated Jamie finally manning up and riding off to embrace his true heroic nature - leaving that short-sighted wretched sister behind. The show captures all too well the wrathful self-righteous matriarch in Cersei (as it did arguably with Olenna Tyrell), but Cersei is loathsome once again for me after this episode. I appreciate the strategic considerations, but an army of the dead? Daenaerys lost one dragon, but it wasn't any craft or technique that Cersei had in her arsenal that brought it down. And she's content to hawk and snarl and scratch over lands that will be uncontested only as long as it takes the dead to strip the flesh from the bones of the living. Jamie leastways seems adamant about salvaging what honour he can - though it's taken two seasons longer than the books for him to get his head straight about it.

Tyrion's creepy stairs loitering during the most predictable of couplings only confirms he's made a hard choice or negotiation somewhere, some form of concession that has either damned Jon or Daenerys or both, and the Imp will likely live to regret the fruit it bears. Happy to never see anything of Theon again. Jon shouldn't have forgiven him. Samwise Tarly Gamgee brought a nice touch to the Bran scene... "Did you have a vision?" *Bran holds up raven scroll*. Good times. Also, hurrah for the end of goatee littlefiddler - smarmy little c**t has had it coming for the duration of this entire show.

I thought the scene with Cersei and Tyrion was excellent too, the genuine sense of remorse and Tyrion trying, however futilely, to find some way to reach his sister, to re-connect perhaps in spite of all that's happened, and his resignation, despair, and wine as a salve for a relationship he has finally confirmed is destroyed forever. I would've liked to see a bit more positivity between he and Jamie but I suppose it was wishful thinking that the show would buddy them up again. Olenna's revelation had seemed a seed commensurate to blossom into Jamie and Tyrion renewing their brotherly affection - recall their chummy jokes way back in season 1?

It also dawns upon me how long this show and series has been in our lives and at the apogee of popular culture. Interesting to ponder the vacuum to come in terms of global television/literature pheomena, and what will rise in its place.


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only confirms he's made a hard choice or negotiation somewhere, some form of concession that has either damned Jon or Daenerys or both, and the Imp will likely live to regret the fruit it bears.
You think he made some deal with Cersei off screen?

Also, hurrah for the end of goatee littlefiddler - smarmy little c**t has had it coming for the duration of this entire show.
My parents actually watch this show, it isn't what they usually enjoy, but somehow me and my brothers got them to give it a try. 3 years later and they're anxiously waiting for each new episode. Hell they even re- watched it before s7, six seasons in a month:eek: Anyway the show has almost traumatized my mother, at times she absolutely hates it, to the point of storming out of the room when certain weddings occur...
Right now the thing she wants the most is for Littlefinger to get his due. Every time he's on screen she gets in a bad mood and almost don't want to watch it anymore because ''only the good guys die'' and all that. It's going to be fun seeing her laughing with glee when they slit his throat (Of course I'm going to watch it again with them;))

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I was somewhat disappointed by it, namely because it took a wild fan theory with no basis and it was as though Martin had pulled a Rowling Dumbledore is gay move in 'aha! Yes, yes this makes me look good, I planned it all along, haha!'.

Also Cersei will die in childbirth because Jaime is prophesised to kill her, she's like 40 or something and well past her prime years for it, and he sorta put that there.

It was nice to see Westeros Trump not being all Trumpy for once and actually being Dany again. They need to work on that if she's going to be seen as one of the 'heroes', I feel.


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You think he made some deal with Cersei off screen?
Someone on the internet has on doubt expanded, extrapolated, or explicated volumes of theory based off that scene, but I am inclined to think that, in the end, Blood is Thicker than Water. Even if it's merely Tyrion accounting for the insufferably obdurate and obstreperous proclivities of his dear sister, and he trying to cultivate some shrewd, or in this apparent case, desperate but better than nothing last ditch to get her to play friendly, leastways sufficient to facilitate a solid trouncing of the true enemy descending inexorably from up north.

The hang-dog expression upon his face suggested as much; in as much as he made a devil's pact and Jon and Daenerys getting 'closer' will only bring greater suffering to both in the end. I also consider that Tyrion has outlived his usefulness now in the show, and whatever circumstantial interstice he made between a shitty decision and an unpleasant but more pragmatic negotiation regarding surviving the Dead and who cares who gets the throne afterwards with Cersei will have nothing of benefit to Jon or Daenerys.


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Saw that death coming. Little finger has been a useless hanger-on all season . If grrm is anything predictable, when a character stops being useful, die.

I can see the scoundrel losing usefulness soon, but we don't seem to want to see him go.