Game of Thrones Season 8 (here be spoilers)

Silvion Night

Sir Readalot
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So what did y'all think of episode 1? Overall I was quite happy with it. Below the good and the bad according to Berry.

- Nods to Season 1, Episode 1: Little boy climbing tree parallel with how Bran climbed in episode 1. Bran confronting Jaime at the end of the episode. Jon introduces his family to Dani (nod to the scene where Ned introduces his kids to Robert).

- The flight of the dragons. Breath-taking visuals. Very well done overall.

- Slightly corny, but fun kiss between Jon and Dani near the waterfall (my wife loved it)

- Sansa. Sansa. Sansa! Best character arc in the show in my view. I really hated her in the first couple of seasons, but since then she's grown into a conniving, intelligent schemer. Just loved the convo between her and Jon ("did you bend the knee because you want to protect the North, or because you love her"). Also the remark to Tyrion when he said Joffrey's wedding sucked: "it had it's moments..." Love it.

- The scene in the abandoned keep with the crucified boy. Really scary. And Thormund + Beric still live. That's good!

- No elephants. Makes me sad.

- Wasn't too happy about the way the Jon = King reveal was done. It should have been really profound, but somehow it felt a bit off.

- I really disliked the Greyjoy parts. To me, Yara and Theon have gone a bit stale now somehow.