Gardens of the moon

Sir Arthur

Journeyed there and back again
Anyway, sir Arthur, where are you at in the book, and how many characters have you fallen in literary love with? Whiskey Jack, the Bridge Burners, Anomnder Rake. With the Malazan series it's never all that simple as you get all of the points of view.

There are far better books in the series, but it takes a bit to get going GotM.
I'm about 75%. Yes, It's awesome! I really love all the characters, but Anomander Rake has made his way to my PCs wallpaper. I'm sure I'll read a few books in a row.
Thank you all, for this great recommendation!

Sir Arthur

Journeyed there and back again
Done! :D I'm hooked, I stayed up late last night, and started Deadhouse Gates . so much for anything else I planned on reading anytime soon.

Anomander Rake could be my new favorite fictional character, shapeshifting into a dragon put him over the top for me.
I'm looking forward to exploring another part of the world, and more races and cultures in Deadhouse Gates.


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Good on you for powering through GotM, the first step in a very long and rewarding journey, I don't think I read anything but Malazan until I got through with the Crippled God once I started the series, thanks to the main site for that by the way.

Deadhouse Gates is widely considered one of the best of the series, yeah you have to get used to a whole new cast of characters, but they will be right up there with the characters you've already fallen for. Although Anomander is hard to beat as you learn more and more about him and the Andii.


Journeyed there and back again
Deadhouse gates was the toughest book for me to understand. So much of what happened seemed so.... random. We could argue all day about what book in this series is the best. For me it's Midnight Tides with Bonehunters at a VERY close second. Garden's of the Moon is easily the least complex of all the Malazan books. What makes it tough is that it takes such a long time to get used to Erikson's style. The first 100 pages of the GoM is comparable to having a bucket of realllllllllllly cold water thrown in your face. It's shocking at first, but once you get used to it it's not so bad. I've grown to love Erikson's writing style. It was a little offsetting for the first couple of books.


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I seriously struggled with DG after GOTM, jumped straight in. Think I need to leave more of a gap next time. Started reading DG again and loving it this time.


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Deadhouse Gates was such an impactful novel emotionally for me, I was amazed at just how attached I got to characters that I didn't know from GotM, an ongoing theme with the Malazan series as it goes forward, how long did we know Beak for anyway?

Glad you're loving it, it only gets better as you go on as the pieces all, eventually, fall into place.