Got any questions for Joe Abercrombie?

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Whats Logan Ninefingers like in real life!!! :playful: That's really cool @Danica, he seems like a great interview, he's got a great sense of humor. I would just like to hear about his plans for the future. I would love to be able to look forward to some more adult Abercrombie novels.


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1. Is his current trilogy on schedule to be finished this year?
2. What are his plans for writing afterwards? Continue with one of the stories he already started or start something completely new?
3. Does he plan to venture outside of fantasy (say, writing sci-fi or general fiction)?
4. How does it feel to have a whole sub-genre named after you? And is he concerned that the whole Grimdark Fantasy style became so popular that it's on its way to become as cliche as Farmboy with a sword?

And of course:
5. The number of a bank account and the figure needed in order to ressurect Nicomo Cosca ;)


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How's about -

1. Will you pose for a selfie with me.

2. Will you sign ALL my books. "What, all of them?". YES SIGN THEM ALL

3. Do you prefer writing for an older or younger audience?

4. What do you find the hardest part of the writing process?

5. Whoch author's books do you like to read the most?

6. Do you read your own books after they hit the shelves?

7. What inspires you (in a literary sense)?

Will try to think of some more...


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He is ridiculously funny. if he isn't funny in real life i think i'll cry right there in front of him


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Ask him if his handle came first. If so, what's it like to have an entire sub-genre named after him?

Oh and ask him what his favourite breakfast is... that thread on here was a surprisingly rich vein of nonsense...


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Has he ever thought of writing a novel (or novella) focusing on another character from his trilogy, like Glotka or Black Dow (the two I'd be most interested in reading about)?

Does he think writing about a Candide-like character in the grim universe of the First Law would be interesting for him?

Is he ever going to try his hand at science fiction? [Threaten him if you have to, but make him say yes.] Or a non-speculative novel - if not contemporary, than maybe something historical in nature?

Will he promise not to option out his books for either TV or movie deals? [If this is a hard promise to wrangle out of him, then at least make him agree not to go to HBO - BBC or ITV all the way.]

Does he like Stilton Blue?

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Will we ever see Logan again in either a First Law follow up or stand alone?


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I am beside myself with giddy excitement, I am getting the opportunity to interview Mr Abercrombie and would love your help to come up with some questions for him!
Lucky you! That's awesome.

Well, I'm an avid fan of his writing, so I guess my question is regarding the future of his upcoming (adult) books. Since I'm not skilled at brevity, the details of my query are below. Feel free to downsize as you wish (if you decide to include it at all).

Back story - in 2011, Abercrombie announced that he had signed a 4-book deal with Gollancz for future novels set in the same world as The First Law. Abercrombie said this would probably constitute a standalone and another trilogy. Now, we've already had the standalone - that was Red Country that was released in 2012.

So what about the next trilogy? The ongoing Shattered Sea (young adult) trilogy is not set in the same world, and is from a different publisher besides, so I think it is safe to assume that isn't it. When can we expect the The First Law follow-up?

Also, a personal question that will be of interest to absolutely no one besides me - Abercrombie came to Dubai for a literature event a few years ago, but I unfortunately missed that. Any plans on partaking in another event sometime soon?

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Long story short changing diappers like a maniac, making a name for myself as a tech writer in a new company and preparing a technical writing course I'll be teaching at a local university in a couple of months. But I missed you too ;)


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GRRM already said he'll make sure nobody touches the books if he dies and doesn't finish. Love the idea though haha
I've never understood why people care about what happens after you die. I've told my wife she can hang me upside down in women's clothes in the town square when I'm dead.


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Sure, ask him to contact Rothfuss and give him tips on writing production.