Grazing the Sky - Fantasy/Sci-Fi


Possibly a Darkfriend
Hi everyone,

I recently published Grazing the Sky, a book that's primarily fantasy and sci-fiction with a romantic side-plot/undertone. Below is the synopsis.

"We search, we hope, and we find a way to get your life restored."

For the past few weeks, Lance has been haunted by a nightmare. This dream leaves him waking up cold, sore, and clueless—until one night, he hears a voice in his room. A voice that seems to be coming from every direction, implanting an image of a face into Lance's mind and warning him to run if he sees it. Questioning his own sanity, Lance toils his daily life with a single mother and a career of a musician. While at school, he falls unconscious and is injected with the cells of an inhuman race.

When he comes to, he meets Zidane, a crossbreed of the magical race Razalek and the beast race Spiro. With disbelieving ears, Lance is told that he will die from the Spiro cells unless something is found to counteract them. Racing against time and haunted by lives left behind, the two must search for a way to change themselves for the better—before fate catches up with them.

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I've spent sixteen years developing this novel, so it's definitely a piece of my soul in a lot of ways lol. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!