GUESS THE WEIGHT COMPETITION! (not my weight, this time)

Laura J Drake

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It's our wedding anniversary on Tuesday, I think maybe he/she is waiting for that, just so I don't have to remember as many dates!
That would very thoughtful, but he/she is more likely to be off by a day either way. That happened to my brother when my sister was born 10 years and a day later.


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Congratulations and good health to her!

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Congratulations from me too!


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Beautiful name! An old Celtic name you never hear in the US. Well done .:)
I actually had wondered whether it was a 'popular' name worldwide! It's a top 50 name here (34th last census), and one of the only names me and the Mrs completely agreed on. Suits her to a T though, although I still call her Bumpy from time to time just out of habit!