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Eric W Deakin

Killed in the battle against the Mad King
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The First New Martians.

A young Aboriginal girl from central Australia leads humankind to the stars. Her determination and a little help from various places make this possible. The power play and politics of this journey span centuries. Humankind is dragged kicking and screaming out of the abyss their evolutionary stalemate trapped them in. Alien protective powers and those who would plunder the Sol system are involved. The best and the worst of human nature fight to further their control but are thwarted in their efforts to capture and use the new technologies for humankind's worst perversion, warfare.
Technology is not invented, it is discovered. It exists but is hidden from us by our ignorance. Knowing something is possible provides the incentive to uncover the means. The diverse characters of this story lead us in a bipartisan endeavour where humankind strives to uncover the technology needed to project themselves into their future, while a powerful extraterrestrial axis protects them and their star system from incursion and exploitation by alien cultures. This interdiction of the Sol system by the Axis Kentrikos (Αξης Κεντρικός) has been in place for many millions of years. It is the prime reason few encounters with extraterrestrial entities have ever been reported. This will all change as humankind leave their system to take their place in the cosmos. This is the beginning of greatness.

Very interesting look at the future!
A story extremely rich in detail that describes how humans ultimately colonize Mars. Australian writer Eric Deakin uses technology, physics, astronomy, biology, politics, and more to engage the reader in this look at the future of humankind.

Engaging epic to the stars!
A rollicking adventure from the deserts of Australia to the colony New Mars. Join our narrator, Jula, and the poodle Grace on an epic saga to the stars. The writing is engaging and full of vivid description that curries the imagination. A great read.

Good Book. Worth Reading!
This is a good book. The style is unorthodox and reminds me a bit of ee cummings, but the story is enjoyable and well written. Good job!


jo zebedee

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I already have this on my kindle or I'd be nabbing a copy! Best of luck with it. Eric. For others - this came recommended to me from a Facebook group!


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Picked up a copy Eric. Will be sure to leave a review when i get round to reading it :)