Have you ever intentionally avoided reading a top 10 fantasy book? If so why?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by kenubrion, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Darwin

    Darwin Journeyed there and back again

    I must have missed that part in Ocean where something interesting happened.
  2. Bierschneeman

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    I too enjoy mother of dragons, its everything after that when she becomes Jesus I don't like.

    You ABC formula,sounds a lot like pandoras algorithm. It takes a lot of input and patience with bad answers.

    It will find common ground, but with so many variables , its idea of common ground will get weird and mutate sometimes.

    Example, I wanted two separate Industrial stations that would play different sets of bands. At first they were mostly the same with two separate seeds. One I wanted to play a more aggressive,metal , fast paced, with lots of industrial equipment used as music. It took a year to get it to stop playing more electronica industrial and was pretty much finished. Plays bands like front242, my life with the thrill kill kult , and einsturzende neubauten.
    The other I wanted more into industrials electronics roots, hitting the more mainstream edge like nine inch nails and skinny puppy. Took a week to stop playing nu metal, a year to stop playing progressive metal (had to dislike every Last tool song) and five to stop playing German hard rock, and a brief stint around year 8 of playing shoegazing (wtf?) this one still needs a tweek now and then but its almost there.
  3. Darth Tater

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    Ouchie. That's harsh. 15 yard penalty assessed for uneccessaey roughness! :stop:

    It isn't supposed to be Rock Em Sock Em Robot filled action.You feel like you're in for a relaxing journey but suddenly you're not. Transporting the reader back in time to the helpless age of 7.

    "It" is one one of my all time favorite books and just realized the similarities to Ocean. This is It lite. You know, the ancient disguised evil the adults don't recognize but the terified kid does. I think it's sometimes referred to as a dark adult fairy tale. To me that IS interesting. :p
  4. Peat

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    Never really seen Gaiman as a YA writer I have to say.

    And while I can certainly see why people wouldn't like him, I'm curious about @Sneaky Burrito , because I can see a few possible reasons and I'm curious as to what it is.
  5. Sneaky Burrito

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    I don't remember what he said. I think my husband's statement came in the context of me bitching about something in some other book I was reading. I'll have to ask him tonight if he remembers why.
  6. Amaryllis

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    Well, the thing is, that coffee thing makes perfect sense. Most people who order coffee aren’t really after coffee itself, but are more after the idea of coffee, which they associate with a) waking up/burst of energy/not getting caffeine withdrawals, and b) something warm/comforting. So when you ask them what they like about coffee, what comes to their mind is buzzwords that they see positively associated with coffee.

    I get that coffee in this case is just an example that could be replaced with anything, but I think the real difference to consider is that our preferences (and the objective accuracy of the things we say) will be different when it comes to things we are very passionate about vs. things we don’t really care about all that much. If you asked ‘What do you want in a coffee?’ on a web forum for coffee enthusiasts where a bunch of them came together to discuss and evaluate different types of coffee, I bet you’d get an entirely different set of answers. And that those answers would be much closer to reality.

    (Note: I haven't listened to the talk to know if he addresses this somewhere.)

    Still doesn’t mean we’re ever going to be perfect, or that nothing can surprise us, or even that we shouldn’t sometimes take recommendations from people whose tastes we know to be far different from ours. But while I don't want to use a snotty word like ‘connoisseur’ for us here with our nerd habits, and end up sounding elitist, most of us are not ‘average coffee drinkers’ of fantasy.
  7. Darwin

    Darwin Journeyed there and back again

    There's also the possibility that the opposite is true. Coffee is simpler than literature. The "average" coffee drinker makes or buys a new cup almost every day. Idk.

    The bulk of the talk is about understanding consumer preferences for spaghetti sauce. Gladwell's friend conducted taste tests that varied every conceivable spaghetti sauce variable. One of the things he found was that a relatively large number of testers enjoyed increasing amounts of "visible solids" in what we would now call "chunky" sauce. The interesting thing? Up until that point, there was no "chunky" spaghetti sauce on the market. Spaghetti sauce companies had generations of experience perfecting Italian family recipes, but old Italian family recipes invariably yield extremely thin sauce. I may be stretching the meaning of all of this, but to me that's a caveat about appeals to authority.
  8. Blastoise

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    Yeah, that guy can't even formulate an argument or enter a discussion (that he started, no less) aside from insulting everybody who gives an opinion that differs from his own, lmao. He's not really seeking understanding or honest discourse, but rather waiting for responses to give canned, one-line responses while completely ignoring the contents of your post(s).

    We all have different ways of accomplishing the same goal (figuring out what to read, in the case of this forum); no approach towards achieving that is necessarily right or wrong as long as it results in you finding enjoyable books to read. Sure, perhaps you could refine your approach, which is what occurs through experience, and you might miss a great one or read a dud here or there, but it's part of the journey. There are so many books out there, with not enough time to read them all, that no book is right for everybody...yeah, including books that I love. However, kenubrion doesn't seem to get that, lol.

    Good post that will fall on deaf ears (for those who need to hear it most, sadly).

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