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  • Stephen Donaldson "The Gap Cycle"

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I normally switch between sifi and fantasy. My last series was Tanya Huff " Valor Confederation"

I was thinking something a little my 2 choices are:
Fantasy: Mark Lawrence "Prince of thorns"
Sifi: Stephen Donaldson "The Gap Cycle"

Lev Daert

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Well, with the hardcover for Emperor of Thorns coming out in mere weeks I'd go for that one,
Graeme said he was enjoying the book and was going to post a review soon(ish?)(said that it had the finale the fans were waiting for, while also admitting to the deus ex machina stuff)
but Donaldson is probably the better writer and his gap cycle is available right now.


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I really liked Prince of Thorns (just finished it myself). But I would'nt say its very "dark".


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Gap Cycle is one of my favorite science fiction works, but be warned that it's a decent into Hell. You won't find a more depressing series out there.