House of Chains - Book 3 (Something Breathes)

Hand of Fear

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Started book three last night, really enjoying this book and will post my thoughts later on when I have more time (in work atm).

Hand of Fear

Journeyed there and back again
Right then time to get some of my thoughts down before I forget, loved the opening to book 3 especially when Cutter and Darist were fighting in the glade with the Tiste Edur the scene brought very vivid images to my mind and these kind of scenes and descriptions of battles seem to be getting even better.

I'm not to keen on the parts with Onrack and Trull Sengar, but I've got a soft spot for Sinn even though she's a bit loopy. There's so much going on in this book it's hard to remember everything that's going on but this book is as good as MoI and dare I say it it may even be better !

Why oh why does Karsa want to fight everyone he sees, the little shit !
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I'm not to keen on the parts with Onrack and Trull Sengar
Trull is a difficult one. He's introduced in House of Chains a little bit but you'll see a lot of him in the next book which takes place before all of the books you've read so far. After reading Midnight Tides I think you'll get a bit more sympathetic towards Trull. He's one of my favorites at the moment.

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Yeah, so far Trull seems a bit outside the loop. Let's wait and see.
Cutter still annoys me just as much as Crockus did!

Regarding Karsa, I'm getting more and more of a Conan the barbarian vibe with him. Bastard I wanted not to like him.... too late :)


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So finally this book delivers. House of Chains 2nd book was probably the slowest individual book I have read so far from all of them.
It was basically only about positioning of the Malazan army before they went toward Whirlwind and re-introduction of characters on the opposite side of Raraku.
But in book 3 the plot actually progresses.

So I got answers to my question about the T'lan Imass, i.e Karsa's gods. And I loved his "answer" to them as well as their master the chained god. I wonder what he plans to do with Siballe's head. Even though the chained god marked him to be the knight of the House of Chains, I don't think Karsa will do as the chained god wants.
And he has his horse now and a new sword, so I'm expecting him to be much more of an ass to people he meets than he already is (if that is even possible).
Interesting revelations about Azath house in that horse chapter by those two Jags as well.

Regarding Whirlwind, a lot has happened there as well. Heboric remembered what happened when he touched that jade hand, but that description just gave me more questions. Jade giant-warriors with people inside them and some kind of inter-dimensional rift of enormous scale....well that read more as sci-fi to me, and I have no idea what to think of that.

There's also a revelation that High Mage Loric in Shaik's retinue isn't who he pretends to be. He isn't human that is. His father is Oseric, which the Tiste Liosan are worshiping. Those were the bunch that chased Trull and Onrack. But Oseric is dead/missing whaterver, and there's that scene where Loric is asking for help from the Queen of Dreams.
This whole line of plot is just incomprehensible to me at this point.

There's also Kalam, Pearl and that red blade woman with him which I'm expecting to run into each other at this point. Kalam is already in the Whirwind, after leaving delightful Iskaral Pust. Seriously that hermit priest makes me laugh with his shenanigans. He's just as bad as his monkeys :D
We also get the confirmation that Baudin was personally taken by Hood himself, both in flesh and spirit, when Pearl and his lady find his body. So no wonder he shows up as Knight of House Death in Memories of Ice and saves Mhybe from Korbal Broach.

Another plot thread that I must admit isn't that interesting to me is the one with Cutter and Apsalar. Sure it was cool reading about Cotillion just messing everyone about in that courtyard scene, but the dynamic between Cutter and Apsalar just isn't cutting it for me. Their dialogue is just too rigid. Apsalar isn't talking much, just as when she was Sorry, and I just don't get where this love for her comes from Cutter. I dont know, it just feels cold and lacking. That whole rapport.

Edit: some of the name spelling might be off. I'm going by memory here.
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