How many of you can ride a horse?

Can you ride a horse?

  • Yes! Like the wind!

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • No unless you count pony rides as kids.

    Votes: 11 73.3%

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Sort of off topic, but does it stand out to anyone else as odd that horses, rabbits, and wolves seem at home in worlds that include all sorts of fantasy creatures? I suppose its just easier than inventing something more interesting to do the same job.
Michael Sullivan, of the Ryria Chronicles, talked about this in the past. He said he had no desire to make up new basic animals, words for things (like miles for distance), new method for counting time, etc in order to create a unique world. He said that type of thing just clutters up a book for no reason. Stick with basic things that everyone can relate to and it wastes no pages and causes no confusion.

Obviously you need to create some unique elements to make your world memorable. But I believe Sullivan was saying save that stuff for things that are cool and not the name of the temperature gauge or a new name for a horse like animal. I agree with that.


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I like Sullivan's work, but he doesn't really do any novel world-building (pun intended), as far as I can tell. That's fine; he writes pretty well, the stories are interesting, and I like the characters. I don't expect super cool magical creatures from him, because that's not really what he does. If you're going to write about elves, horses aren't the most unoriginal part of your story.

It's books like Malazan where the horses seem particularly out of place to me. The whole world is so alien and interesting that horses don't seem like they fit. Oh, and Stormlight Archives.

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I think it's the fact that horses are inextricably linked with pre-modern (ancient, classical, medieval etc) warfare and that fantasy books are often based on real-world pre-modern times (mostly Europe in the Middle-Ages with some Classical Greek, Roman, Oriental and medieval middle-eastern influences in the mix).

Fantasy is often a variation on the real world. It is only seldom that you see wholly original worlds.


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I can ride, or rather I have ridden, very basic stuff. how to ride an unbroken, or untrained horse. THATS not a skill I own. How to take care of a horse... no clue.

Bill Door

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I could...when I was around 10-12. My cousins had horses and I read a little back then. Haven't ridden in 20 years, though.