How safe is your neighborhood


Journeyed there and back again
there's a tv show about crime in shreveport (where I live currently) from an ex cop of shreveport. it is called "murder made me"

I just found out about it and thought it was pertinent to the original comment I had of going to bed every night to the sound of gunfire.

Darth Tater

Journeyed there and back again
I grew up in Detroit but we moved to the suburbs right after the “race riots” in 1967. I remember it being weird back when I was 7 but it seems even more surreal now when I remember looking out of my window and seeing an army tank coming down the street and passing by my house.

That was over a half century ago and when you go downtown you can still see some burned out buildings that are all boarded up. Well, even the junkies need a place to stay. Make a wrong turn and assuming you get out of there alive you can tell stories about the big fat cat you saw crossing the road. Oh wait...that was a rat (true story).

I’m glad to be back in Michigan now, though. I live in a mixed suburban neighborhood not many miles from Detroit. Everyone gets along just fine and it seems safe.