I cant remember a monster fantasy book series!


Possibly a Darkfriend
So I've been looking for a few months now for a certain book and still cant find it, so I thought I would give a forum a try. Theres very little I can remember of the book so thats why I'm having a lot of trouble but I'll post what I can remember.
  • Book follows a teenager boy in a fantasy world where all different kinds of monsters inhabit the world.
  • The era of the world I think is some cross between steampunk and 1800s style. (I think!)
  • Humans live in isolated settlements or cities where sometime the monsters do attack.
  • I think people travel by either coach or boats and are attacked often while travelling the roads.
  • I think theres a guild or a job profession that is dedicated to hunting the monsters, and they use alot of weird and poisonous potions.
  • The boy is an orphan at the start and I cant remember but he travels the world or land, ending up in a lot of sticky situations and doing different jobs and I think he wants to hunt the monsters, or maybe he's really scared of them, memory is fuzzy here.
  • He meets a very posh and very rich lady that hunts the monsters and ends up being her apprentice and along the way they get seperated and lost for quite some time.
Thats what I can remember about the books, theres a series of them at the time I read them there were 2 or 3 books, with more on the way. I cant remember again but I think they might have been coming out in 2008 or 2009ish.
I thought it was called "Here be monsters" but thats a childrens book so its not it.
Thanks in advance :D