I find the lack of medievil fantasy novels on my to-read list disturbing. Please suggest more.


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Yesterday I found out that I have a massive lack of medievil fantasy novels on my to-read list on goodreads.

First of all, the TL'DR version. Feel free to read only it and reply.

Looking for more medievil fantasy novels. Preferably about people who aren't royalty or war soldiers, and I really like assassins, magic users, adventurers etc. Nothing with a very high amount of world building, and no young adult. Otherwise, suggest away!

Feel free to stop reading this now and reply.

I know why it's the case, I was afraid that I'd get myself almost nothing but medievil fantasy on my to-read pile if I didn't stop myself, and I also feared becoming someone who could only get into medievil fantasy if I read too much, and now I have the exact opposite problem. Almost all my fantasy to-read list is now urban fantasy, and dear god do I need to read less of that now! Dresden is awesome though!

Anyways, I have a big thing for assassins, my favorite series being Night Angel by Brent Weeks. Love how compelling the main character is, and the combat is really really great.


I've read a couple of the books in the Shadowdance series. It's great when I'm in the mood to see a ton of characters getting killed off.


I've read a few medievil fantasy novels that I liked until near the end that were focused a lot more on magic, and I wanna keep looking for more like them so I can find what I'm looking for.

Here's some examples:


Hope and Red (Empire of Storms, #1) (This one I actually liked, and probably underrated it.)

(Stormlord #1)

The Last Wish (The Witcher, #1)

The Painted Man (Demon Cycle, #1)

And yeah, I need to actually read some shit about straight up adventurers.

Would also love to read some more lighthearted stuff(Yep, you heard me!)

Thanks everyone, espeically if you read all of this.

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The Path of Flames by Phil Tucker. It came in 2nd place in the second Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off. It definitely has a medieval-style setting. There's lots of magic and action. I've enjoyed most of the books you listed here, and Tucker's book is one of my recent favorites.

I'd recommend my own novel, but that's probably against the rules here, and it isn't even out yet (and it might lean too much toward YA for your tastes).

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Maybe search for "Medieval stories" instead, Google might come up with a few more...

Other than that, there are sooooo many of them. IMO, most fantasy stories are set more or less in that timeframe. (But, you might have read most of them already)

So, some suggestions:
- Farseer
- A Game of Fire and Ice


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This depends on what sort of medieval fantasy you are looking for. The vast majority of standard fantasy is set in medieval times (usually the Western Medieval settings during the 'Dark Ages).

However, some fantasy may focus more on a realistic historical fiction than the typical (which just uses the medieval as merely a setting). So I'm not quite sure what you mean by Medieval fantasy.

In regards to assassin fantasy, well, I just posted a brand new best list 'Best Assassin Fantasy Books' that should be exactly what you are looking for.