I hate Goodreads reviews

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Noob, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Alucard

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    I think you are mistaking banter for bashing.

    Also the idea that writers aren't allowed or shouldn't give 1 stars as readers compared to us "civilians" is preposterous.
    People aren't just one thing.
  2. Maark Abbott

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    You forgot 'professional tsundere' on my resume there, kappa.

    People can read into those comments all they want. That book was an entirely negative experience and I have no qualms labelling it as such, just like I have no qualms about speaking up about how much I loved Mistborn.
  3. Anti_Quated

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    This thread presents an intriguing perspective/question: to what extent should a writer be influenced by that fact when reviewing the works of another, or whether they're even conscious of it?
    My internalised and utterly subjective criteria is the measure of all my reading, my ratings informed largely by how the works I've read stack up against it. I'm interested in reading the Miles Cameron Traitor-Son cycle based on the reviews it's had here, yet from those same reviews I'm sufficiently informed of the apparently appalling editing and/or lack of commensurate proof-reading in the earlier works. Such issues would necessitate a 1 star review for some readers/reviewers; for me, simply a warts-and-all aspect of what sounds an otherwise immensely enjoyable read. I try my best not to let such trivialities get in the way of a good story. That, and some people really are just difficult to please.

    No-one can seriously tell me they'd give ASOIAF a 1 star rating just because every feast is pages of lavishly, lasciviously described with all those moist, glistening delectables? :D

    Goodreads, for what it is, has value; it's another review platform. Like anything involving humanity, you can glean useful information and find wonderful, like-minded people, or it can be a cesspit of circle-jerking nonsense and snarky inflated egos - both precious writers and 'professional' reviwers who mistake courting internet clout or notoriety with a fulfilling hobby or personal growth. It's not the medium, its the community behind it; barring a few bad apples, Goodreads is actually pretty, well, good. Not as good as here, mind :)
  4. David Plantinga

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    Goodreads is like Yelp for books. A lot of posters will love almost anything and give five stars as a default. Other posters will slam a book for silly reasons. Reviewers like Roger Ebert are few and far between.
  5. Darth Tater

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    IIRC the editing is much improved in books 3 and 4. Regardless, it is a GREAT series (IMO) and well worth reading despite the editing problems!
  6. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    I usually try to read the books I already own ion my Kindle priority, but there are many exceptions, of course. I currently have 9 unread. I only purchase books in advance when I get a good deal on them.

    But there is something I'm confused about and it's bugged me for ages.For example Sandersons's Stormlight Archives. It is likely to be ten books long. I've read the two already published. Do I count 8 on my TBR? Same with a completed three book series I have not yet started. Is that one on my TBR or three??
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  7. Diziet Sma

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    I guess it depends whether a higher number in your TBR list becomes an incentive or the opposite. I count whole series as one in order to keep numbers low.
    I get a bit of the "headless chicken" syndrome when looking for my next read. I guess it is the anticipation of choosing from different genres/books.
    I'm very much focused on SF at the moment, but while reading it, I'm already getting a bit distracted checking out other fantasy, Noir, general fiction books I wan to read soon. And this is without counting work related books.
    I should move to Sol Draconi Septem planet, where days are 38 hours long and to get to a bookstore, one has to travel for 3 standard years...
  8. Darth Tater

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    I prefer the lower number. It is cleaner, but I see people with hundreds so I assumed they were counting the higher. I guess there is no SOP.
  9. Darwin

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    If Goodreads were actually good at some of the things it tries to do, many of my favorite features at BFB would be obsolete. Goodreads fails as a sole source of information for:
    a) upcoming releases
    b) talented new indies
    c) similarities between books
    d) "best" books in select subgenres

    Considering the amount of cumulative effort that goes into Goodreads, it should be a much more valuable resource than it is. Instead, there's so much damn noise that its difficult to pick out valuable information.
  10. Peat

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    Surely 'so much damn noise' is the logical outcome of the cumulative effort?
  11. Darwin

    Darwin Journeyed there and back again

    It's poorly cultivated/focused. The efforts on BFB of far fewer people go much further, for example.
  12. Peat

    Peat Journeyed there and back again

    How many places that size aren't poorly cultivated/focused though?

    I'm not arguing with what you're saying, I'm just wondering why you're expecting to be different. To me, Goodreads is just another example of the logical weaknesses of gigantic internet sites that mainly exist for putting in personal data, not opinions.
  13. Darwin

    Darwin Journeyed there and back again

    Because when I go to goodreads.com I'm greeted with the text: "Meet your next favorite book." The site has goals, it just doesn't achieve them. The extra data they have from reviews should be helpful, it's just not. Why can't I search for fantasy books published in the last year with the most reviews? Or best rated fantasy book out of all fantasy books with 10,000 or more reviews? Weird feature choices make us wade through the muck.

    Edit: Imagine if pornhub were this inefficient, for example.
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