I just bought...


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I like what you've done with your eyes.

Having finished Allan Batchelder's wonderful The Abject God, I bought the new Vox Day book, A Sea of Skulls. Sequel to A Throne of Bones, which was great. I've been checking his author page for a couple years waiting for a new book in this story line.


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@Bierschneeman Never been, but we were never told where each of us was sent so one of the other clones might be in a sleeper cell there. If this person is high up in government, law enforcefment or uses the internet a lot then chances are he's one of us. But I never told you that.


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I finished Traitor's Blade and immediately bought book two in The Greatcloaks series, Knight's Shadow.

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A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab. Clicked @TomTB 's link in another thread and realized it came out this week.


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I just bought the first five Expanse audiobooks. Plan on revisiting the lot before picking up #6.

Got them all for about £20 thanks to an Audible offer!


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Just bought scanner darkly ~PkDick
Fool moon~Jim Butcher
First codex Alera book from butcher.
Christmas carol~ Dickens
the long mars~ Baxter and prachett


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Heart Blade - a fantastically written new YA by Juliana Spink Mills

The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

Songs of the Dying Earth - a massive anthology based around Jack Vances' Dying Earth stories featuring the likes of George RR Martin & Neil Gaiman.

Finnikin of the Rock - a beautifully dark YA fantasy by Melina Marchetta.

Kingdom Asunder - a brutal, backstabbing, compellingly crafted Fantasy by Thaddeus White.

All goof stuff. My TBR pile has become a sprawl, it is devouring my carpet :D

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Age of Iron and sequels (really liking the first one so far)

2 by Marc Turner (sequels to When the Heavens Fall, forget the names, they're not here yet because I started this series in paper)

latest by Bradley P. Beaulieu (With Blood Upon the Sand)


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I was In Houston for a book signing for my wife. Both Anne bishop and Patricia Briggs. While there I stopped by a used book store for trades. And purchased some while I waited for the event to be over.

I just bought
It can't happen here~Sinclair
1913 the year before the storm
Jim butcher dresden files ( the next five in series)
Icelandic sagas and Eddas (loved this as a child)
Finnigan s wake ~James Joyce
Collected works ~borges (they didn't have aleph)
As I lay dying~faulkner
The sound and fury~Faulkner
Martian time slip~PKD
atlas shrugged~ayn Rand
Leaves of grass~Walt Whitman
The unbearable lightness of being ~Milan KunderA
Guns of the south~harry turtledove
Solaris ~Stanislaw lem
An American tragedy~Theodore Dreiser
A portrait of a man~ James Joyce
And whatever the newest Patricia Briggs and Anne bishop books are

You'll notice a few books mentioned in the literature from every country thread. I wrote all of the suggestions down, then looked for them one by one and bought everyone I could find. The ones I bought I suggested, we'll I just felt I wanted to keep them around.


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I just spent the weekend in Vicksburg, so I bought.
Incidents of life of a slave girl ~Harriet Jacobs
Diary of (don't remember name, it's during the siege)
Aren't I a woman~ by various
Vicksburg~ Michael b ballard


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Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane
The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

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Just bought the other 2 the Walking Dead compendiums, as well as Swan Song by Robert McCammon. I need to assuage my craving for post-Apocalyptic stories.