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Bill Door

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I generally do a lot of book buying after christmas and throughout january for the year. So far this is what I've bought: Glen Cook - The Heirs of Babylon, Glen Cook - The Swordbearer, Glen Cook - Garrett For Hire, Markus Heitz - The Dwarves, Stephen King & Peter Straub - The Talisman, Stephen King & Peter Straub - Black House, Ian C Esslemont - First two books in Path to Ascendancy, Roger Zelazny - The Great Book of Amber.
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David Sims

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I had the Resolution for 2018 to not buy any more books.

Well at least I made it 21 days into the new year before I received 2 Bonus codes from used book selling sites.

I could not resist and got:

C.S. Friedman - Coldfire trilogy (in German 7 books)
Joshua Palmatier - The Throne of Amenkor trilogy
Sean Russel - The Swan's War trilogy
You might also like Russell's Moontide and Magic Rise, and his The River Into Darkness, both duologies that recently became available in Kindle format on Amazon.

My personal favorite fantasy author, currently and for some time, has been Guy Gavriel Kay. What you hear said about him is true: he has never written a bad book. He's never even written a merely good book, either: all of his books are better than good.

Thanks for the tip about the Palmatier trilogy. I'd already had the first book. Now I'll go see about the latter two.


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I've been taking my own advice and buying a few sale books like Path To Ascendancy, Lilith's Brood (really looking forward to this now that I know what it's about:p) The Doomsday Book, Senlin Ascends (thanks to someone here who said how good it was a few weeks ago) and Kings of Ash, the sequel to Kings of Paradise. The irony is strong in those last two titles. What great books.

Bill Door

Firsthanded the newest Caine adventure
I just received Stephen King's The Stand in the mail today. I've been meaning to read this for awhile now.