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Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jon Snow, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Jon Snow

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    Are you looking for something new to read? Don't want to gamble on someone's top 25 list? Then this is the thread for you.

    Simply state what books you like/love and hopefully someone in the boards has read it and can recommend you something similar.
  2. I tend to lean more towards the newer stuff. Locke Lamora, Name of the Wind, Prince of Nothing. I really don't like the older cliched stuff like Thomas Covenant, Shannara, Magician.
  3. Have you read the Dresden Files? Not classic fantasy, but its a refreshing read aside from all the "cliche" fantasy. Also, try Mistborn trilogy. Definatly nothing classical there.
  4. l3gacy

    l3gacy Dr. Awesomesauce Staff Member

    Well, the older "cliche" stuff is cliche because of so many "newer" books that have ripped them off... Eragon anyone?

    Have you read the First Law yet, am?
  5. I loved First Law. I've also read the first book of the Dresden Files.
  6. The first two Dresden books are just ok. in book 3, Butcher really finds his groove as a writer and the series takes a great turn for the better. Dead Beat is one of my fav. fantasy books out there.
  7. daystar

    daystar Knows how to pronounce Kvothe

    oh eragon , why must you exist? to laugh at all the good fantasy by saying "look .i exist too. we must be equals".eragon has to be the worst fantasy i have read in a while.the ideas arent too bad but it is written so badly it dosent matter. your really can tell it was written by a youngen.still it does not compare too the badness of the twilight series.they arent even about vampires. they are about some weird creations that sort of resembles a vampire if you squint. every time i see a fan of them i cant stop laughing and thinking you could read so much better. i could understand the harry potter craze because the latter books were actually good but i just cant understand the twilight craze.
  8. I didn't think Eragon was that bad. Granted it was one of the first fantasy books I read, so when I read the last book I may come to realize its garbageness. Even though the story was one big cliche I though there were enough twists to make it interesting.
  9. I'm the same way with Eragon. It was the 2nd fantasy book I ever read and I loved it. Now that I've read Malazan, WOT, Thrones, Dresden, 1st Law, and other really good fantasy books, I realize how it pales in comparison. I will still finish the series in spite of that though.
  10. l3gacy

    l3gacy Dr. Awesomesauce Staff Member

    Hooray, another Eragon hater! Eragon was so bad I wanted to punch Christopher Paolini's mother in the mouth. If there was a "write fantasy by numbers" book (like paint by numbers)... this is it.
  11. Danica

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    ok here i go.. saying the most stupidest thing i could on a fantasy website.. i love twilight. yes legacy. laugh at me all you will at least i can recognise bad writing when i see it (unlike the 12 yr olds). it's perhaps the worst writing i have come across. but i'm a sucker for the love story.. who cares if the don't look like vampires?? i don't.

    so there i go disgracing myself by defending a book that doesn't really need defending considering the multitude of crazed of tiny idiotic girls raving about it. now i wonder what the reaction to this post with be..
  12. l3gacy

    l3gacy Dr. Awesomesauce Staff Member

    I didn't see the movie nor have I even cracked one of the books for Twilight. The only thing I think about when someone says Twilight is the South Park episode. "I'm a vampire, per se...."[​IMG]
  13. So we have a damn twittard on board, sheesh. ;)

    This is the skin of a killer, Bella!
  14. I've never tried reading the books, but I watched the first half of the movie. The lines were just way too corny to take. I know the vamp guy was supposed to be really old, but I don't know if high school dating was different for anyone else, but it seems like it was always just a big ball of awkwardness and these two were spouting off harlequin novel lines like they were going out of style.
  15. daystar

    daystar Knows how to pronounce Kvothe

    i havent seen the movie so i have no idea how the vamps look, so i cant comment on that. what i didnt like most about the books was that the vamp was like a superhero that happens to drink blood. they dont even have to drink human blood at all, fine dont like it but i can live with it. the vamps have special powers....alright i have seen other things were vamps have powers so i can roll with that. not burning to a crisp in sunlight.........what?!? that is one of the main flaws that make the vamp an interesting character.dont even get me started on the last book with all the nonsense in it. the first two books were mildly interesting and the last two books seemed like she was adding in stuff just to annoy me. i can see why the right demo would like the first two (the second book was the best in the subpar series),but the last two with the ending that it had....wow.
    p.s. if you read eragon as one of your first books you wil like it regardless of later books. that isnt a bad thing eragon is a good starting point. i read it after i read all these other great series so my view is different. i read wot first followed by all thing david eddings so i will have a special place on my shelf for those two even if eddings was not the best .
  16. Jon Snow

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    this thread is getting a bit off topic...bah...who cares...
    guess what movie this line comes from

    "your skin is so smooth, not like mine....mine is rough.....like sand"

    re: anything twilight

    I think that twilight just appeals to girls more because of the love story. I have a friend who has good taste when it comes to fantasy books but she likes the twilight series. If I want vamps i'll go read another book maybe Interview with a Vampire or I am Legend or just something better. If i want a love story I'll read about Shay's Giant of a Lannister.
  17. Do not feel bad if you like twilight. own it girl! but seriously. guys will never (or very rarely) understand the appeal for women. she does a fantastic job. she taps into the need for women to change a flawed man. she also does a great job of making Edward the knight in shining armor and plays up the damsel in distress aspect of the character Bella (a geeky girl who becomes popular and gets a 200 year old georgous "bad boy" to fall in love with her and he has never found anyone like her in all those years). I think it's pure genious for a mass media marketing situation. For me it was just a fun read and you really don't have to think. my mom (now she is passing it along to her friends) and all my girlfiends are so depressed because they can't find another series or book that they can get that into (they can't read the violence in fantasy books). I love fact I dont have that problem ;) Thanks Ben, this is a great site.

    We all really like eragon too. I'm excited to see how it ends. Every book ive read so far has ripped something off from some where else. ok....paolini is much more blatant about it....but i just tune that stuff out and go with it. that's why i could never be a book critic or a reviewer. :mrgreen:
  18. Danica

    Danica Queen of the boards! Staff Member

    i consider myself in this catagory
  19. Hi,

    I would greatly appreciate if you could recommend me a book.

    So let's see, my favorite fantasy novels:
    Jordan: WoT, GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire (I read 2 books from the Narnia Chronicles, The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and liked them very much, but the other books werent as good) and I'm currently reading the Riftwar saga's second book (I liked the first one, but sadly the second one shifted the PoV from Pug :( and is becoming more and more boring)

    I want to read something that is not so predictable and has many twists in the story line (like GRRM's books). I would also prefer a long series to occupy myself in my free time. :)

    I tried Erikson's Malazan series (read the first book and about 100 pages of the second one), but I was greatly disappointed. It was like a history book for me, without any interesting character (or just too many).

    I was thinking to try perhaps the Memory, Sorrow & Thorn or The Runelords saga; however they don't seem to offer anything new.

    I would welcome any recommendation and suggestion.
  20. btkong

    btkong Journeyed there and back again Staff Member

    Lol, love that picture.

    Yagoov -- give "the name of the wind" a shot! I'm sure it's everything you are looking for. Malazan is good, but it really take a few books to "get" it. By the time your reach book 5+, you are on a whirlwind -- but it takes an investment in time and patience to get there. Give Dresden Files a shot too -- very good series, especially past book 3.

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