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Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jon Snow, Jun 13, 2009.

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    It doesn't matter where you begin. The only books that absolutely MUST be read in the proper order are the books in the Fionovar trilogy and the books in the Sarantine Mosaic duology.

    Additionally, the following do NOT need to be read in order but Under Heaven takes place around 400 years before River Of Stars (a couple of references are made) and if you decide to read Ysabel (YA) you may want to read the Fionovar series first because a couple of characters from Fionovar make cameo appearances in Ysabel.

    Some of the books take place in the same universe but are otherwise unrelated. Tigana is as good a place as any to begin as it seems to be most peoples favorite (not mine). But IMO they are all awesome.

    Oh...make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy (Puffs work too) for every single book ever written by him. IMO, beautiful writing. Just...absolutely beautiful. So much so that even when you bawl your eyes out you still get to keep your "man card". :D
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    Good day to everyone. After reading Witcher and GOT I restart my interest for books. After a certain time I understand that I'm searching for believable (dark) fantasy universe with "strong" female and male main character. Also I liked "Girl with the dragon tattoo" because of that. Right now I'm reading "First Law" and I like it, thought more lewd stuff wouldn't hurt. Also I'm not a big fan of parallel universe and don't scare of gore and violence. ( The Night Angel Trilogy next in list)

    To clarify the priority
    1. Interesting character
    2. Plot
    3. Universe
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    Possibly the best strong female with male main character book is Best Served Cold, the first standalone in after the First Law trilogy. You must read this one.

    The best strong females with male sidekick series is Crown of Stars by Kate Elliott. Absolutely fabulous, the females are all kick-ass and also either royalty or mages.
    The first book is only $2.99, best bargain going.
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    Maybe it's just me, but Joe Abercrombie females way too manly. There are no real difference between how female/male characters handle certain challenges. I'm think more about females that avoid straight up fight but still find a way to achieve victory.
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    Well I thought it made sense since you're already reading Abercrombie and said you're enjoying it. Had no idea of your dislike of his females.

    However you should at least sample it before rejecting the recommendation.
  6. Vitriks

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    I'm not rejecting, I will read that book.
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    Ok, before I begin, I wanna say this.

    As someone(who I assume wants to remain annoymous) has mentioned, I've been kinda mean in my responses to recommendations that I've been given in the past. I wanna apologize for that. I appreciate any recommendation anyone is willing to give, and if you'll give me some, I'll keep my mouth shut if it doesn't interest me(Unless you want me to do otherwise). Just please, whatever you're willing to recommend that you think that there's a small chance it'll pique my interest, please do so.

    This is some of the things that I know for sure that I like, but feel free to recommend anything. Forget what I said before, we can start fresh, as I found out that you can preview almost anything on goodreads.com, and I'll try to read the first chapter of everything that gets recommended, and I'll judge from there.

    1. Sword and Sorcery Adventures with likable characters. This is the probably the easiest thing to recommend to me.

    2. Assassins and Mages.

    3. Dystopian/Dark Future Fantasy, be it cyberpunk, post apocalyptica, or whatever.

    4. A story about a group of people who maybe aren't adventurers.

    5. Something heavy on combat

    6. Vampires of all sorts.

    7. Dark and Lighthearted fantasy.

    8. YA and Adult Fantasy.

    9. A whole book devoted to characters on the run from something dangerous., or maybe just something that crosses the realm into half fantasy, half horror in general.

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