I love the future!!, (ie availability of movies and tv shows from all over the world)


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So today I just watched a Serbian Animated movie called "Technotise edit and I"

so first a review... brief... brief. (I really enjoyed it)
So a Cyberpunk story it has a beautiful ten 30 minute intro that introduces the world of of an eastern europe near-technocracy. from there it follows into a very Dickian story (and setting) with a huge influence from "Tetsuo: Man of Iron" . The ending is a bit of a let down, seems to almost just end, and rainbows, and sunsets, really gag worthy happy ending stuff.

okay Thread Topic.
(I will state this from an American perspective, but I intend it as a question of global availability. aka, how is it for you?)
In the 80s and 90s it was fairly difficult to get foreign movies in the US. not impossible, but they had to be very popular in their home country, or have a large underground fanbase (like Tetsuo, or gojirra decades earlier) but you had to really work at it and pay a lot of money.

In the earlier 00s It became easier to get a hold of popular foreign movies in the video store, as long as it was both popular and either : japanese, German, Australian, English, French, or Italian. you had to really work at it (and pay a lot) for almost every other country. you could definitely get a hold of Bengali, Russian, Czech, Spanish, swedish et cetera. but it was usually a $25-150 purchase. When Netflix came out this broadened the availibility so now I could watch a more broad selection, but the more obscure stuff, still pretty expensive.

NOW (aka the future) I can access a massive plethora of content from over 50 countries. (legally and cheaply) there is still Netflix (which is both wider and narrower in selection) but also Amazon Prime is getting to a point where its easier to get foreign stuff than expensive domestic stuff. there are also a massive selection of other free (and legal) streaming sites, and with the increase in availibilty there is increase in demand, which increases availibility as well as dubbing and subbing.

This also completes something else, now that there is a global market It can fulfill a lot of more niche genres (like Cyberpunk [see above review] whereas before we could expect a new cyberpunk movie to come out, one every few years, now you can find 5-10 each year), because their profit base doesn't need to rely so heavily on Theatre or Home Movie crowds, they can broaden their audience to many new countries.

HOW DO YOU feel about the future of movies.
WILL THIS trend of availability continue?
DOES THIS availability go for your country

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Journeyed there and back again
I think if you get a KODI streaming device, you would likely have access to dozens of Japanese cyberpunk and similar movies or series, not so sure about legality of it though. Or even just googling on the net, my son always watches Japanese anime with English subtitles he finds in some obscure websites. If you know the name of a series and just google it you might be very successful.

Answers to your questions:

HOW DO YOU feel about the future of movies.-> Think it is very bright, more and more local content gets subtitled and is available globally

WILL THIS trend of availability continue? -> I hope so, piracy might present problems for content creation though.

DOES THIS availability go for your country -> Absolutely! Living in Germany I can say I have maybe watched 5 movies on German TV last year, rest was DVD, Amazon Prime, KODI, Internet.

DOES AVAILABILITY affect you ? -> What exactly do you mean with that question? How I interpret it, I do have access, yes, and it has changed my viewing habits.