I want to make a mailing list


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So I have been researching the do's and don'ts on mailing lists and wanting to create one but haven't found a good format to start with. Does anyone know of a good simple way to make this happen? Who provides a good mail service that allows blanket emails to be sent out? I'm a little bit at sea here.

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A lot of blogs (and some retail stores) whose lists I'm subscribed to use MailChimp.


It looks like there are some free (but potentially not full-featured) options. Upgrade for <2000 subscribers looks to be a bout $10/month.

What I like about it, from the user side, is that it's easy to unsubscribe. (From your perspective, it will mean people are less likely to harass you to take them off the list.)


Is a wondrous friend of modest Kruppe
Thanks for that Sneaky, I am familiar with that service and so far it seems to be the cheapest one available. And yes, the ability to self remove from the email list is a big plus. I was really hoping to find a service for small time emailers like me that might be free.
Seems to me so many services are now monthly charges, such as the latest Microsoft Works program which you cannot purchase outright, you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to keep it going. I hope that isn't a portent of more to come in all fields of day to day living.


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I can chip in here. You can use Mailchimp -- I use that on some other websites of mine. I haven't done the whole email list for BFB (I should I know) mainly because I've just been so busy with so many different projects to add a consistent newsletter for the site into the mix.

If you use a wordpress blog, I highly recommend OptinMonster which is hands down the best wordpress plugin to build a list. And mailchimp, though you will pay some money for it if you actually build up a decent sized list.