I went to 'Games of Thrones in concert' and it was amazing

Silvion Night

Sir Readalot
Staff member
So I went to GoT in concert yesterday and it was one of the best concerts I've ever visited. The composer of the GoT tv-series that is in charge of the soundtracks / music was present. He led the real choir, percussionist and singers. A full orchestra was on stage as well. On a huge screen compiled scenes that showed the adventures of the various family from the series were shown, accompanied by the family soundtracks (Rains of Castamere for the Lannisters, the evil dirge for the Lord of Light fanatics etc) and beautiful digital banners with the family crest and words. Also, certain scenes were shown in its entirety (battle of the basterds, assault on the Wall, Mysa and more). The evening was even more impressive because of the real-life effects (faux snow falling during scenes in the North, fire bursting from the stage whilst Dragon attacks were shown).

As I was sitting there, almost blown out of my seat by the thunderous tones blasting from the orchestra as Dragon fire consumed hundreds of soldiers on the screen, I could only come up with 1 word for the experience: epic!

The orchestra is touring Europe and they'll visit most Western, Middle and Northern European capitals. If they are yet to visit your country, I can definitely recommend visiting. Highly recommended!