I will now be doing 60-90 hour weeks, Goodbye for now.


Journeyed there and back again
i have as tendency to disappear periodically from the forums due to work. Im doing it again.

As of yesterday my supervisor was fired, leaving me the only brewer in the building. I now have no more time for books but its been a great year. I lost 30 lbs, my wife got a second degree and started a new career, and i have blown my previous bookcount out of the water (last year 75). i think im up to 200+. I sold these books reducing me down from 4 bookcases to three. ($150 i got.)

over November and thanksgiving break i read a lot.
i read the last three Asimov books, 12 more arthur C clarke books. rise an fall of roman empire, interview with a vampire, And a pile of South African books starting with biographies on mandela. i also finished bloodheir, and sold part three, because i was bored of it.

i do hope there is a forum for me to return, but Goodbye for now, i do not know when i will be able to return.
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Journeyed there and back again
Wishing you good fortune in your beer making and reading endeavors and looking forward to your return. You should post tomorrow and fool everyone. Take it easy beerman.

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See you later and all the best in your life for now!