Hey guys,

just thought this would be a good place to introduce ourselves so we get to know each other better.

Post away!


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Well, i'll go first.

I'm the admin of I created the site about 3 years ago to help people find the best fantasy books. I've been busy with school the past few years, so I only updated the old list once a year or so. People kept asking me for new recommendations, so I finally took some time off and well, completely rebuilt the site and added more recommendations. The site has now become my part time hobby!

Hobbies & Interests: writing, competing in full contact Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournaments, landscape photography (, traveling to exotic locales, and reading good science fiction and fantasy books, working on this website!

Nice to meet you folks, and enjoy the stay!


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Hi all

Not sure how I stumbled upon this site but was good to find it.
I'm mostly a fantasy reader but do read some sci-fi and crime/thrillers occasionally.

Favourite Author: George R.R. Martin
Interests: Sports (all kinds), Kendo, Iaido, Music (rock)
Hey guys, I'm new to this site, and I have to say it has saved my butt in more ways than one. How? we'll I'll explain, Earlier this year I took a media course as an elective thinking that It'd be easy and that I'd totally ace it. Holy crap was I wrong, I made my site and not only was it butt-ugly but my T.A. claimed that it wasn't "content rich" whatever the heck that is. So, I decided to troll the net to see if I could model my site after another, and VOILA! I found Best Fantasy Books and the forum and I was hooked!. So I toiled away on the site and I just received my grade of *drum roll please*............a B-. Okay, maybe it's not earth-shattering, but for a course that made me nostalgic for organic chemistry it's pretty darn awesome. And as an added bonus I can now bring down my eyesore of a site:, WOOHOO, thank you lord. Although I'm still attached to blogging so at least I got something out of that headache of a class. Another way this site helped me is to introduce me to the GREATEST BOOKS EVER. It's like I never have to read a crappy book again!

So here is a little info on me:
-I don't do martial arts or sports of any kind. Oftentimes, in fact, it pains me that I actually have to walk at all. If the world made any sort of sense I'd be grossly obese as a result, but I'm just big enough to discomfort my 13-year-old sister when I sit on her. Which to be fair, i only do when she bugs me (I mean, I'm not a monster).
-I'm a girl so don' t get freaked out and call social services for my sister.
-I REALLY like cake :D

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Good one, your intro makes mine look like a piece of s***

Without you actually saying it I had actually defaulted you to male. So good thing you told us! However I would suggest you find some for of physical activity to get into! If you don't start early it will make life so much harder when you are older. Even if it is something like walking 30 mins each day (for walking's sake) or maybe gather a group of friends each week to play badminton or something like that would be hugely beneficial.

Ok taking off my teacher's cap now.
Good lord! you sound so much like my mother that it is SCARY, lol. I just hate playing sports because I can get pretty ugly when I lose. Don't worry though I'll start walking when I'm a broke international student in the UK. :cry:

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Heh I hate losing too, but you get over it.Plus it is a good way to vent if you don't have enough outlet.

One of my friend's hardly plays anything that is heavily based on luck because he can't handle having worse luck.

oh another note, i wish other people would introduce themselves! Hazy! L3gacy! Danica! am9818!
What about me Jon, do you not want to get to know me? :cry:
I'm 27 and live in Illinois. I love the St. Louis Cardinals/Hate the Cubs and have loved reading fantasy since college. I work in an Napa Auto Parts store and probably will until I die or retire. Can't think of anything else...

Welcome FFF to the forums!

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Sorry dhoop17! Well I didn't want to write everyones name here =P plus I wrote am91962 name wrong in the above post -_-

p.s. I hate baseball...have been to two Mariners games and even Ken Griffth Jr couldn't excite me.

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dhoop17 said:
Not suprising, most Americans don't like Americans past time anymore.
If you look to the right of my post it says. Location: Auckland, New Zealand ^_^
Yeah, thats what I meant: Most Americans don't like baseball, let alone people from other countries (Latino countries excluded).

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dhoop17 said:
Yeah, thats what I meant: Most Americans don't like baseball, let alone people from other countries (Latino countries excluded).
It's quite big in Japan and South Korea no?

There are just so many sports to choose from now and Baseball has such a niche market.


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Gotta agree that baseball isn't the greatest sport to watch, I feel it's a little too slow, but it was fun to play though.
Also: American football rocks! though I've never actually played that, it's great to watch.


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I must have missed this thread the first time around. Here goes. Actual name is Jason, I'm in my mid 30's and live in Kansas. I'm a restaurant manager by trade and a poker player by inclination. I mostly read fantasy with a little bit of sci-fi and hard-boiled detective thrown in for spice. I love this site and board. I have not run across a single bad recommendation and I love to discuss the themes and ideas behind the fantasy genre.


Listens to The Unbeliever whine about life
Forgot to introduce myself, so here goes.
I'm a 19 y/o psychology student, live in the Netherlands.
As for sports I play tennis, just for fun though because we all suck at it, as well as ballroom dancing.
I earn my money by painting (the non-artistical kind) and by serving drinks at weddings and other parties.
Favorite shows on tv are Scrubs and Friends, nothing too standard there.... Favorite movies are probably memento, reservoir dogs, lotr (obviously) and shawshank redemption.
Food: Lasagna

I've been reading fantasy, or books for that matter, for no more than 3 years or so, and I'm happy I found this site because rereading harry potter and feist got boring quite fast ;)


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Fine, I'll introduce myself Jon.

I am l3gacy. I would be VD but most forums don't allow for 2 character user names, so I chose l3gacy. I got my user name from a car I used to drive (Subaru Legacy Limited, was really nice). VD comes from my last name; it's a two word dutch last name (VAN D.....) and when my friends in high school realized part of my initials were VD, they started calling me VD... that stuck through college. I don't really have a VD.

I'm an IS manager at a hospital in Florida. I'm the youngest manager (27) of all managers at the hospital. I'm married to my best friend who is a college student (joint JD/PhD). I read books at home as long as I'm not playing video games or hanging out with my wife. I love watching NCAA football and I am confident that the SEC will dominate the rankings yet again this year. Look for another Florida national championship this year (Undefeated, I'm thinking). I think all Notre Dame fans should be ashamed of themselves.

I love the beach, swimming, and snorkeling. That's as close as I come to sports.

That should be enough information for now :)
I'm a guy from Sweden and was born in the later half of the 80's, so that makes me younger than most here I would think. (The nickname is from when I played a little Diablo II, it stuck in browser based games.)

I am currently employed in the lower end of Logistics and consider what I want to do with my life. I never went to a University and still havn't gone since I don't know what to study. Several fields have piqued my interest, such as mathematics, teacher and translator, but none stuck for very long. That along with a strong desire for the more fun things in life lead me to this. :)

My other interests beside books include anime, manga and computer games (biggest interest), I occasionally use a bicycle as well. Languages I can understand are only Swedish and English, though I can understand spoken Japanese and some Spanish.

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Thats a lot of language talent Sosseres!

I'm a teacher It's hard work and you really gotta love kids, but sometimes that isn't enough as I've seen many people drop out of teachers college.

Hope you visit the site more often!