I didn't even know this was here... I jumped straight into Fantasy and didn't look back.

My name is Chris, 30's and working in California in the IT industry. I was first introduced to fantasy (and books in general) when I was first read The Hobbit while still in the womb. My mother, obviously a big fan, made sure I had read The Hobbit, LoTR, and The Chronicles of Narnia by the time I was 10. I stumbled upon the Dragonlance Chronicles in high school so now I have a very special place in my heart for Weis and HIckman. And even though D&D stuff is pretty poo-poo'd by most fantasy fans, I really love a lot of the core stories.

I've also got a thing for thrillers and noir mysteries to read between fantasy book series.

My TBR list, is up over 70 books now thanks to the folks here and Kevin Baconing those with other suggestions from Amazon users - no Robert Stanek stuff, of course ;)

My work for the last few years kept me very busy and I just didn't make room for reading. I'm now back and happy. Books just bring a balance to a high-tech life I think. Working with computers all day and coming home to something as low-tech book keeps me sane. I'm going to resist ebook readers as long as I can, I think.

This site has been an invaluable resource for a lot of the stuff that I've missed in my hiatus and I almost hope that I don't catch up! The last 8 or so years that I've been out of the game has seen some amazing books come out and I now have this huge gold mine to work on.

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Welcome to the boards Steadfast.

I think I'm sort of in the same boat as you in that I started reading fantasy kind of late and have just been reading good book after good book. Although my TBR pile is not so long maybe 25 books or so, I know I'll never catch up as there are just so many good stuff coming out.
Hello. My name is Travis Gill, I live in Middleburg FL. I wrote a fantasy novel which I am constantly updating. One only has to Google Astanax to learn about my new novel that is a expansion of the old novel (Astanax Knight is the old version). I'm adding my three ferrets into the newest version of the story, as well as a more realistic solution to surviving the plague, instead of the "nuking the fridge" concept that they so did on the latest Indiana Jones movie.

I've had the handle of Astanax since 1997 when I first entered Jesse Smith's World of Nintendo Chat. I had a favorite NES game called Astyanax, and I dropped the y because I didn't think anyone could pronounce Astyanax (Astanax is roughly pronounced Ass Tan Ax). I spent time there chatting until I finished high school and went in the Air Force in 2002. Had a service connected disability during wartime in Iraq, so found myself back on Jesse Smith's chat room as a moderator for the chats. I tried posting more than a couple of posts on his video game forum, but no luck. I've posted more posts on this site than I ever have on Jesse Smith's video game forum.

So far the admin and moderators have been nice to me, so I hope I don't screw up royally in posting threads on here.
G'day I'm an Aussie from down under.
I'm a law/science student and was a big reader but Uni seems to take most of my time. However, I'm just getting back into different fantasy series like Robert Jordan. Am I the only one who thinks these books lack momentum? Plus I've come to the conclusion I don't care if any of the characters live or die. So going to put that series on hold and try some more George Martin that everyone's raving about. Really good to see Garth Nix on the top 25 - really like his Abhorsen series.

Hobbies: AFL, Landscape & Wedding photography, Keyboards, U2
Favourite Author: Ian Irvine

Oh and FantasyFicFan - I've done Organic Chemistry - do not go down that road - agony.
Sorry eagles that advice, though welcome, is a little late. The agony of Organic Chemistry ruined my life last year and I'm just starting to get over it. I just try to take it one day at a time. ;)

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Eagles, I'm a Kiwi!!!

I really don't get AFL I rather watch i guess your a melbournite?
Ha ha,

Well that's fair enough. Yeah, I'm in the plague infected city. To be honest, I don't get Rugby, at all either. Footy for me is the only sport, but I can't criticize anyone else's choices.
Hmm, New Zealand. Say, what do you think about Legend of the Seeker?
By the way another series that doesn't get much airtime is James Clemens Godslayer series. Was impressed with them and will read other series of his.

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I haven't even bothered to watch it. So many people have said it was teeerible. I don't have an hour to waste every week, I rather read or watch sports.

On the matter on doesn't help when they change the rules every bloody year.
To be honest - I barrack for you guys in the world cup. Sure makes me treasonous but I'm just not interested in having a dominant Rugby team.
Rugby is a bit vulnerable in Australia at the moment. They can't compete with the AFL in the southern states and obviously the fact that two AFL new clubs are going into Queensland and NSW suggests these states too may be under future pressure.
So you are a Union supporter? You'll have to forgive me I know absolutely zero about Rugby (no doubt your excitement of having someone in the Southern Hemisphere with you has worn off).

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LOL yeah, I watch Union and League.

Used to support the Broncos but once the Warriors came online I've never looked back. I am surprised that Rugby is even alive in Australia, you guys don't even have a domestic rugby competition!

Anyways, we should continue this in the sports thread =)
p.s. the reason why i like someone down under on these forums is because of the time zone. there is simply no conversation at night hahaha


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eaglespremiers said:
James Clemens Godslayer series. Was impressed with them and will read other series of his.
Think he's the same guy from the banned & banished series. Personally did not enjoy those books very much, could barely finish the second book and gave the rest up at that point. To me it felt kind of repetitive, but maybe it's just a matter of taste. It is mentioned on the good fantasy books list though.


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hi guys!

yea i just click on fantasy and don't really look anywhere else.

i am.. Cass. I live in Perth (Australia). i'm 20, I study high school teaching (drama is my major). i've read fantasy books since early high school and as i knew no one else who even read i have re read Eddings so many times i can't remember. Mostly because i had no idea who else to read. Now i'm all grown up and can search the web from my own computer i have found this site and it helps A LOT!!!

i dislike sport with a passion.. i was called over the loud speaker at a school sports carnival to stop reading my book (the golden compass) and join in some events (bless my outdoor education teacher. the best i will offer you is soccer if i really MUST play something. i will tell you that i LOVE rock climbing and soon hiking but that's as sporty as i get

i get drawn into books way too easily and spend most of my uni exam breaks reading, i have horrible self control and I get very emotionally attached . my wonderful boyfriend is very patient when he comes over to find me bawling my eyes out that.. whoever has died in a book i'm reading or when Boromir dies in the LOTR movie (i cry every damn time). he has also introduced me to the world of Baldurs gate (rpg)!! which is great. the first time i tired by myself i got eaten by the ankeg near the friendly arm inn and had to start again. i was devastated i thought i was doing well. anyway now we have the network up and running we get to play together!! i am the super coolest cleric/fighter baldurs gate has ever seen with my super cool war hammer (i told my bf i must have a war hammer coz i was going through an 'i love dwarves faze' all due to the drizzt books).

i'm not sure if there is anything else. haha you have my life story really. it's pretty simple. i love my reading, rock climbing, baldurs gate, and my wonder bf whom i do all the above mentioned things with.

haha sorry Jon for taking so long in replying to your summons

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Glad to have another person from Down Under! (there is one other and of!)
I'm a primary school teacher so we have a bit in common Danica!

a very belated welcome to you


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oh little ones! i teach yr 1 and 3 at a coaching college on the weekends. i love it. they are just so cute. my year ones i just want to hug. while it is great fun to teach them for a couple of hours a week i couldn't do a class of 20 onwards everyday. i have 10 yr 1's and they are a handful sometimes. haha. 16 yr 3's is a nice number. haha what years do you teach?

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I just started at a new school. I have 34 year 6's.....i know a lot but they are good kids


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Hey guys.

I'm in my early twenties, go to college here in Illinois. I love baseball (love the Cubs, hate the Cards -- you know who you are) and football and can watch basketball sparingly. I also enjoy my Playstation 3 quite a bit when it doesn't make me throw stuff.

I read books, mostly fantasy. (It would be weird if I was here and I didn't.) I got back into books a year or two ago and stumbled onto this site looking for recommendations, back before it got all fancy, and just decided to register and here I am. That's about it I think.

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terribleusername said:
I also enjoy my Playstation 3 quite a bit when it doesn't make me throw stuff.

Welcome to the boards mate. Hope your TBR grows by 50 after visiting the site.