Guess, I will do this one too.

I am Returned, 20 years of age and live in Istanbul, Turkey.(I was feeling a little too overwhelmed by the large aussie population :lol:)

I am currently studying, sporting, gaming and reading. Last year I was drafted by the army for 3 months service. I brought along the Mistborn series and GRRM. I tell you, those two wonders saved my life.

My hobbies are what I mentioned above. I do a lot of sports. I usually run for an hour 6 days a week. About 6 hours a week of running. I love running, as it makes you feel physically self-aware, free and allows you to push your boundaries.

I also love cliche sunsets. :twisted:

I am currently playing inFamous on my PS3. I just finished reading Sandersons novel called Warbreaker, which is absolutely incredible. Maybe a better magic system than Mistborn.

Anyhow, that is me. Now I need to go back and read all of your introductions.



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Returned said:
I am currently playing inFamous on my PS3. I just finished reading Sandersons novel called Warbreaker, which is absolutely incredible. Maybe a better magic system than Mistborn.
haha large aussie population?? haha i would think we are the minority.. all those american and canadians.

oh and infamous?? my bf left me alone for a couple of hours to go and play that.. he has being wanting to play it for ages. meanwhile i got to finish my current book.

a warm welcome to you!!!


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I ' ll just give a short intro since i am not a man of many words(at least about myself).I started reading about 3 years ago and started with wot. 3oo or so books later I really like fantasy.I play Magic the gathering tcg alot even though they dont hold tourneys in my area. I enjoy most sports(go redskins).not much for the computer but like every other guy my age i play video games(sometimes i even break out my old nes).i am 22 until august and i am currently playing oblivion .i am known as Dave.
Tcg stands for trading card game, from what I hear it is currently big in the states.

I do remember collecting DBZ and pokemon cards back in my young days. Hehe.

I do love Oblivion. Bethesda seriously makes awesome games.


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oblivion ts good not great. you have to get into it and believe that character is yours then the reality of the game is very good.its like playing a choose your own adventure book.magic the gathering is the first tcg and the best. it was made back in 93' and it is still going strong. if you like fantasy and strategy it is great.just look it up on wiki if you never heard of it . it is a world wide game.
I guess I might as well introduce myself, never really noticed this I always just went straight to the fantasy board.

I'm 20, I live in Canada and im taking IT in university.

I love hockey, still play ice hockey as well as road hockey and watch it alot on T.V (cant wait till next season starts). I also like golf and play it a fair bit in the summers.

I got into reading in about grade 8 when sum1 randomly got me the first WOT book out of the library and haven't looked back since (btw ben feel free to get an advance review copy of The Gathering Storm and pass it along :D ). I'm into computers and gadgets and stuff, next thing i wna pick up is the kindle since i think someone mentioned that reading books on the computer/laptop was bad for the eyes. Ever since then ive gotten paranoid about reading ebooks so ive got all these ebooks on my laptop but i dont wna read them cause i don't wna screw up my vision lol. I used to game a lot but ive mostly stopped except for every now and then.

guess thats it ...
I'm a 29 year old Computer Science student.

I enjoy Video Games, but not as much as I used to. Growing up sucks :( .
TV shows such as True Blood and the 4400.
As well as movies like Office Space, Shawshank Redemption, Bourne Identity.

Essentially I'm a media junkie :ugeek:
I've posted on this site for quite a while, but as Danica pointed out I never did post an introduction so here it is.

I'm 23 and run a small market research (those annoying a$$ people who call you while you're eating dinner talking about one to five scales) company. I grew up in San Daygo, moved to Spokane, WA, lived in England for a year and am now back in Spokane. I've only been reading fantasy for two years or so but (obviously) love it.
Found this site a few months ago and finally got around to joining in on the fun.

Well, here's a little about me. I'm a doctoral music major who is eager to finish this school business and begin my career. Aside from spending hours practicing saxophone, teaching undergraduates, and course work I like to: read, play video games, and watch various t.v. shows via Netflix. Most of all though I am very excited about my soon to be born daughter!

Currently I am eagerly awaiting The Gathering Storm. I just started Erickson's Gardens of the Moon after finishing J.V. Jones' A Cavern of Black Ice. I have been reading sci-fi and fantasy for about 12 years with my big introduction being Jordan's works.



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Welcome to the boards AFR ! I played trombone for seven years so music is in my blood as well. WOT is great and congrats on the soon to be baby. Have you decided on a name yet ? Elyane...or maybe Moraine. :lol:


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daystar said:
... WOT is great and congrats on the soon to be baby. Have you decided on a name yet ? Elyane...or maybe Moraine. :lol:
AvidFantasyReader said:
Ha! The wife would do terrible things if I tried something like that. We managed to agree on Abigail.
Well thank the heavens for that. You coulda just turned your daughter into a hateful evil bitch by naming her Nynaeve. Abigail is much better! :D :lol:


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Well, since this is the thing to do, I'll go ahead and say a few things about myself.

I'm originally from Pakistan, but have spent most of my 27 years living in Dubai, UAE. I haven't been into fantasy that long, really only the last 1.5 - 2 years. I stumbled upon this site a week ago when I googled 'Best Fantasy Books' and this was the first one. And good thing, too, because I've come to learn about a lot of great titles from here, which is the reason I googled it in the first place.

As I said, I haven't read that many fantasy novels, but here's a brief summary of what I've read and what I think of them:

- The Lord of the Rings - Obvious one, right? I actually got into LotR after seeing Fellowship in the cinema and having my mind blown away. I had heard of the books, of course, but had never bothered reading them and didn't have a clue as to what it was about other than that it had something to do with wizards, elves, and something called a 'hobbit'. Needless to say, the movie left me breathless; the first thing I did after seeing it was I went out and bought all three books and read them back-to-back. Perhaps because of the sense of wonder and awe I felt when I saw the movie (not having high expectations going in), I'm in the camp that likes the movies more than the books. I know that might be sacrilige to say so, but they hold a special place in my heart, and are constantly at the top of my 'Favourite Movies of All-Time' list. Books are generally always better than their respective movie adaptations, but for me, LotR is the exception that proves the rule.

- The Dark Tower - Not really a Stephen King fan (I only like It and The Shining, and have had the displeasure of reading Dolores Claiborne - my reigning king of 'Worst Books I Have Ever Had the Misfortune of Reading and Would Rather Shoot Myself Than Read Again'), but I think this series is alright. The first three books were quite good, then it sags from book 4-6, and unlike most people, I actually thought the end of the series was quite fitting. Most annoying thing about the series was King's egomaniacal decision to include himself in the books. Yeah, okay Stevie, we get it. You're important. Whoop-dee-damn-do. Jackass...

- Harry Potter - Not sure if this qualifies as a 'true' fantasy, but I like it. I think fantasy purists unduly criticise the series for not being very 'intellectual' and being too linear or whatever, but an interesting series is an interesting series. With the exception of book 5 (which got annoying), all of the books are pretty terrific. Also, I respect that unlike *some* authors (see below), J. K. Rowling clearly had a plan for the series, and had a pretty good idea the direction it had to lead to right from the get-go. Half-Blood Prince, incidentally, is my favourite.

- The Wheel of Time - Ah, yes. Robert Jordan's stupefyingly elongated series. The first 4 books or so are good, then the series just starts to drag like no series before it. I've read till book 9 so far (I have number 10, but so far haven't successfully enticed myself into reading it) and I can honestly say that of the 6440 pages so far, a full 2500-3000 are completely pointless. It's obvious Jordan had no clear outline for his series, and just decided to waste pages and keep the series going on for as long as it was selling. I'm still going to finish the series, but only because I have spent far too much effort, money and - above all - TIME on this series to quit now, without knowing how it inches its way to a crawling finish that will undoubtedly leave it's readers in a literary stupor.

So, those were my thoughts. A bit long-winded, I know; I tend to be a tad verbose (which explains my appetite for multi-part series, I guess).

Do feel free to recommend some titles for a fantasy 'lightweight' like myself.

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There is a recommend me thread in the fantasy forum. However I don't know if lightweight applies to you, you have read some big series in The Dark Tower and Wheel of Time!

I would think A Game of Thrones should be at the top of your TBR pile
Hi my name is Vangel I am 20 of age and I come from Macedonia. I like to read books especially sci-fi and fantasy. I am new go this genre, I started reading fantasy and sci-fi for almost a year. This page is best for fantasy books it really helped me to choose good fantasy books.

My hobbies are sleeping, reading, movies, running(during summer), pc games, going out etc. I currently study English and German and I hope that some day I will become translator and interpreter. Favorite games: the elderscrolls morrowind and oblivion, half-life 1,2 , neverwinter nights 1,2 ,warcraft 3 etc.

That is pretty much all.